Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Apr 2011 - Auntie Annie's, Alive & Amplified.

»   A U N T I E   A N N I E ' S ,   B E L F A S T .

Videos from the gig @ Auntie Annies in Belfast are on our channel now, including a display of multi-tasking by John on the song “If I Could & You Ever Would”.  Also, photos of the gig, and some from rehearsal.  We were treated very well, so thanks to EQ Promotions.


»   A L I V E   &   A M P L I F I E D

Camden Roundhouse Radio played “Burning The Tracks” on Alive and Amplified.  You can hear Elise (the host), speaking flatteringly here.  Thanks to her.


»   S I L E N T   P I C T U R E   S H O W

It's finally been finished and mastered just after I got back from Ireland.  We'd been working on the drums and bass parts in Belfast.  Great to hear it finished now, considering I wrote it back in 2005.  Take a listen here...


»   C I R C U L A R   R E A S O N I N G   (  A R M A D I L L O   R E C O R D S  )

“We Were The Ones” is on a compilation by indie label Armadillo Records.  Get it on their releases page.

Before I go, thanks everyone who is asking about the first album. We’re working constantly on it and still plan for it to come out in 2011.  Remember to join us on facebook to be kept up to date.


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