Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Apr 2016 - Age of No Innocence (Video), the search for More Space...

April was a madly busy month around here.  Sometimes real life tries to invade with it's complicated problems but we've been doing our best to repel it and cut it down to size so that future months can be more focused on music.  Something new to watch first, and then more detail on the above...


»   "Age of No Innocence" (Video).

Tracks 10 & 11 on the new "Postcards in Real Time" album are very closely linked, and could probably be considered Parts 1 & 2.  Mikapix compiled a video for "Age of No Innocence" which is online now, so if you have the time to give it a thumbs up that's very appreciated.
Here's what
Emerging Indie Bands had to say...

"...With an ethereal symphonic sound – Age of No Innocence, the penultimate of the eleven tracks on the LP Postcards In Real Time fills the room with gently drifting blooms of cloud...."


»   Instagram

If you've got Instagram, make sure to follow @UnquietNights.  Sometimes we manage to post interesting stuff.  Next week we'll be "instagramming" from Rome again.  I gotta say that we've met some of our best friends and supporters of the band on there.  Photos like the one below illustrate how we give you a White badge, or a Black badge depending on how we view your character!..


»   Blackstar HT Stage 60

I got sent a link to a new profile page that Blackstar Amps have put up about us.

If you read these blogs you'll know that I'm a very happy user of their stuff:  my HT Stage 60 amp, and the HT Dual pedals.

In future I'd love to put up a video showing some of my favorite of their gear and how it's been used in UN's music.  Right now I'm in the process of moving location and will hopefully be able to set up more properly for recording said amps.  About this I'm very excited.


»   More on "More Space".

At the end of February I mentioned the need for "more space".  Since 2009/10, I've been operating out of an orange Nike bag.  Wrapping the microphones and equipment inside t-shirts so they don't get smashed in the airports of Rome, Pisa, Amsterdam, London, Toronto, Dublin, Belfast, Milan where we've frequented to give the whole UN story some legs.  It hasn't been ideal.
ANYWAY... hopefully in the rest of 2016 we can do something about fixing that.


»   Finally...

Postcards in Real Time (CD Album)
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Thanks for the continued support for "Postcards in Real Time" in all it's formats:
CD Digipak
2)  USB Flashdrive
3)  Digital

AND, to those who have picked up a "Nero" T-Shirt...

ALSO those who have picked up an "Established" backpack...

Until the next one!....


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