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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Apr 2018 - BBC Across The Line, KCLR 96fm Interview, Young Believers & more...

On April 8th the new single "Young Believers" was released. We've got a few things about that to report, as well as the radio interview on KCLR 96 in Kilkenny, and an update on how our studio ("Credential Sound") is coming along. So, in something like chronological order....


Young Believers (Single)

Young Believers
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We wanted to get something out pretty quickly after the "PROMISE OF YOU" single we put out in March so we would give y'all something new to hear in the meantime since the second album was actually released a bit too long ago.

We put out another single called "YOUNG BELIEVERS" on April 8th, and glad to say on our different social media sites a lot of you seem to think it's one of our better things. Thanks especially to anyone who has bought it, and to those who haven't all you gotta do is click ADD TO CART on the left.

It will be great to get out touring again and play these kind of things live.



Interview - KCLR 96fm

Young Believers debuted on Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show on KCLR 96fm in Kilkenny & Carlow. Roddie was kind enough to have me down to the station to talk for I guess...40 mins or so. We covered Unquiet Nights in general more so than talking about Young Believers. A lot of it was about how we've found different countries responding to our music, and the challenges involved with being a band who have to balance other jobs as well as music. It's satisfying when someone with as much experience as Roddie does suggests that with some of the things we've got on our résumé to date, that he would've expected us to have been more widely known to the public. Back to Roddie's experience for a minute. He told me off the air about times when Phil Lynott would re-do answers for him and ask if he knew how to splice the tape together so they would get a better interview. He also told me he would introduce me to Phil's ma if we ever get the chance. So when a DJ who has been curating Irish rock bands since the Thin Lizzy days makes "Promise of You" his Song of the Week and says it should be getting heard by more people than it is, I tend to take a lot of satisfaction out of that. LISTEN HERE.

01. KCLR square.JPG

BBC Northern Ireland -Across The Line

BBC NI.jpg

Always a thrill when BBC Northern Ireland shine some light on what we're doing. Special thanks to Stuart Bailey, Rigsy and whichever producers were involved in picking YOUNG BELIEVERS for the Across The Line show on 18th April, as well as the ATL Introducing New Irish Music podcast.

You can hear what Stuart Bailie had to say by clicking either of the above links.

Thanks BBC.



Sounds of NI

sounds of NI.png

Thanks to Sounds of NI again for playing Young Believers on Episodes 114 and 115 of the show in the last couple of weeks.

This would be Pay*Ola singer Phil McCarroll's radio show on Bangor FM (107.9), Lisburn's 98FM (98.8) and FM105 : Down Community Radio, as well as the Sounds of NI podcast.


We love everything about Phil & Sounds of NI.
Support the show on Twitter.


Credential Sound: Part 20

Interior Door with Vertical (1).jpg

CREDENTIAL SOUND is the recording & rehearsal studio we've been building since summer 2016.

The plan is to have somewhere permanent where we can streamline the time spent recording future releases, and also have somewhere to rehearse for touring where we can leave equipment set up all the time and have the room available 24/7.

If this isn't a commitment to at a later stage being able to record & tour full time, I don't know what is.

The Drum Room has now been fully roofed and clad with PVC outside, and has 21'' (53cm) thick (cavity insulated) walls. That's something of a financial and logistical triumph in itself considering this time last year we were excavating the foundation by hand.

Anyway in the photo I'm putting together an interior door for the drum room which will further the soundproofing. It's a solid mahogany door clad with Mass Loaded Vinyl, plasterboard and plywood.

Postcards in Real Time (CD Album)
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Postcards in Real Time...

The current album Postcards in Real Time is available in the following formats:
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Until the next one!....


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