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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dec 2015 - Second album "Postcards in Real Time" is OUT & more...

New Year's Day.  Time to ring out a thought or two about December, and maybe a couple of thoughts about the year 2015.  It was a good year, one of the best in the 14 years I've been releasing music, and the biggest step forward in the 5 pretty busy years I've been "doing it" as unquiet nights.
Of course, 2015 as a whole was focused squarely on the release of...


  "Postcards in Real Time"

Postcards in Real Time (CD Album)
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The second album.  It's done.
It's been out since December 11th.
So it's available now at unquietnights.com/store.
You can get 3 different formats, which are...

1)  The CD digipak.
2)  The USB Flashdrive (lossless audio).
3)  The digital download.

And then there are the other normal places which don't pay the artists because they have a broken calculator & always put the decimal point in the wrong place.  I mean iTunes, amazon, eMusic, spotify and their like.

We're very thankful to the people who've been ordering it.  Hopefully the copies are arriving to you all without delay.  Let us know any feedback you've got...


►  Some words by Ed McFee (Hot Press, The Big List).

"...Critically acclaimed rockers Unquiet Nights unveil their stadium-sized second album "Postcards In Real Time".  On December 11, Belfast-founded, Italian-based band Unquiet Nights capped off a break-out year in style with the release of their second LP 'Postcards In Real Time.'

Produced by the group's singer/guitarist Luke Mathers and mixed and mastered by Neal Calderwood (previous credits include the Answer, Fighting With Wire and General Fiasco) the 11 track opus includes successful singles 'Constellations Of She/'George Best City,' (a release which gained the band significant airplay on Sky Television and saw them perform multiple times live on Italian TV) and last summer's synth-swathed anthem "Love Leave Your Mark On Me".

A record rich in textures and ideas, "Postcards In Real Time" expands upon the sound of their debut "21st Century Redemption Songs" while exploring new fields, yielding their most passionate, personal and, at times, politicised work to date.

Tackling topical subjects such as the downfall of the economy and the perils of relying on banks ('Jefferson Was Right') as well as unflinchingly dealing with Mathers' own recollections of growing up during the Troubles ('Age Of No Innocence,' 'Don't Wanna Kill For Religion,') 'Postcards In Real Time' sees the band on a huge creative high and at the peak of their powers..."


►  Whelan's, Dublin.

Technically this was about 1am on December 1st, so it belongs in this blog.  This is Rob of Raw Power Photography in Canada.  He and his wife were extremely kind to us when we did a couple of gigs in Toronto.  This time they were in Dublin for U2, and they left a guest list for Public Enemy early to come see my solo set in Whelan's.  The less said about the food after, the better though.
And to the over-zealous police woman who said my headlight technique was erratic on the way back north, I said I'd give you a zero reading, and I did.  So no Christmas D.U.I for you.
"Is it normal for you to be driving at 4am?"  Yes.  "Really?".  Yes.


►  Then the first batch of album copies arrived...


►  Beyond the Realm of Death.

Legendary "Stained Class" era Judas Priest drummer Les Binks watches the "George Best City" music video.  We should have another music video coming soon, as regular followers will know.


►  Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.

Sometimes I do things that aren't related to music.  Went to "Christmas at Ulster Folk & Transport Museum", which was good.  They gave loads of festive food & drink samples.  Toasted cinnamon butter, mulled wine, turkey slices, sticky pudding, etc.  If that didn't get me in the mood.
Actually!... there was once a greyhound bred with a pig, which could jump over a full sized gate.


►  Greatest Revival.

I wanted December to be about the promotion of the new album, since it was the culmination of over two years work.  Unfortunately I ended up spending the last two months fighting a case against one of the government agencies, who for some reason came to the conclusion I wasn't entitled to healthcare.  Many days during the month were wasted on the phone, going around in circles.

I had the support of the Citizens Advice Bureau, the Patient Client Council, HMRC & my own doctor, but regardless - one particular office of government was insistent that I would be billed in advance of every time I wanted to receive any healthcare in future.  The Citizens Advice Bureau said they had never seen anything remotely like the case against me before, maybe "only in undocumented tourists from countries the Philippines".  The Patient Client Council said it constituted harassment against me.  Thankfully, an agent of HMRC was most obliging and despite not knowing why they were involved in my eligibility for healthcare case, he helped me out with a letter in support.

The end of the story is that after threatening me for months by post, and being hard to contact on the phone, saying the case against me had already been decided and I would get billed £140 plus future costs for having a consultation about a skin lesion, they dropped it and now I have my healthcare back.  When something isn't right, it's important to be stubborn and fight it until the end.
The end of a tough & stressful month.  2015 was a good year though.


►  Finally...

Thanks to people who are writing positive stuff about the new album like Snoozecontrol.be in Belgium, Ment in Fuga in Italy, Thierry Berthou in France, etc.  Hopefully the kind words will keep on coming during the next months.  All the best for y'all in 2016!


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