Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dec 2017 - Goldeneye, 2017 in Review, Credential Sound Pt. 19...

Looking forward to 2018. This year we're going to release new music, and try to get back into your radio machine again. The next blog will have some details about that in terms of timeline.


2017: Year in Review

This year has obviously been a lot to do with building a permanent studio for rehearsing future tours & recording future records. We were finalising things to do with the moving back from 6 years in Italy also, which took a lot of time. Selling & Buying property is time consuming. In June we drove over for a few gigs in England (Bracknell, Daventry). I guess it's seemed quiet in the sense that we were releasing roughly a single to radio every quarter since 2010, and since Postcards was released in Dec 2015 we've been more quiet. I've been writing new music the whole time though (more on that in the next blog), and personally I hope, think, expect that the next singles and ultimately the 3rd album will sound great and pick up the momentum. Anyway about what we DID do in 2017...

Jan 2017 - No drum room.

Nov 2017 - Drum room structurally complete.

Above you can see that where I'm standing in January 2017 there was still a wooden shed in the place of where the studio's Live Room is now. Back then the foundations hadn't been dug out and poured, so that the cavity walls could be built (approx 2000 6'' blocks). Hundreds of cans of polyurethane foam were used to insulate between the walls. Over 10 tonnes of concrete slabs set onto the walls to form the roof, which was then fitted with 20 cm insulation on top and decked out to a slope. As well as the physical work, it was an effort to pay for the materials too.....y'know?  We'll get a video uploaded soon showing the way it all looks since the building started.


Credential Sound: Pt 19.

Specifically in December the focus has been on getting the outside roof fascia-board installed and undercoated ready for a dry enough day to felt the top once and for all. It's been tricky getting it all done considering there was at times maybe 4 inches of snow and rain storms while trying to silicon all the gaps between the OSB board. Anyway the dehumidifier is going flat out in the drum room and there's a gas heater now to dry it out more. Everything's ready for the next few jobs inside.


VIDEO: Live @ Mattorosso, Italy.

In the last blog I linked to video we uploaded of one of the last Italian gigs we did in Montebelluna (Treviso). If you missed it, make sure to have a look now. We reckon it's a decent representation of the set we were doing at the time and of the second album period. Shares appreciated.



In a rivalry spanning decades, original UN drummer Rodger stopped by for the latest grudge match on N64's Goldeneye. As he mutters in this short bit of footage: "Winning is all that matters". 

A rivalry to be continued...


Postcards in Real Time...

The current album Postcards in Real Time is available in the following formats:
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