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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2014 - Unquietnights.com, New Website, Thoughts on cities...

February has been a hive of creativity and new songs.  The month has been mostly about tracking instruments for the new album's material, but we did spend the first week rehearsing for, and playing a gig at the Irish Public in Terni (Italy).

Here's a recap of that and other stuff.....



Maybe you'll notice that we migrated over to a new website some time during February.  It took a bit of time to get that sorted, but this one should be better and give us more control.  For example, with the integrated store we've got now at unquietnights.com/store, we can make the album here on the right directly purchasable in your cart, the way people like to do.

This is the first blog in the new format too, but we're still collating all entries since our beginnings on the timeline page.  It's interesting when organizing the old entries to see the changes we've been through already.  Still, a lot more to come....


»  14.02.2014 - IRISH PUBLIC, TERNI. 

We did a set in the Irish Public Terni when asked by the people who run the Ephebia Festival.  The last time I ate in this place, a huge black dog came in the front door unaccompanied and sat beside me at the table staring at me for about 10 minutes.  Like the depression adverts, only real.

We played a few things differently than the tour in September, and opened with a new song, Greatest Revival, that we never played before.  To see the full set list, as with any other gig of ours, you can check the tour date page.

Drum Stuff 6.5.JPG


Things are fairly developed with a shiny new batch of songs.  Many final instrument tracks are down this week.

Also there's more drum tracking going on for some songs.  To the left you'll see the latest delivery that the UPS man brought me, which includes a few recording items:

BETA 52 (bass drum mic)

Something I don't really like doing is making demos of songs before re-recording them.  A lot of times the first recording, the first blast of creativity can have the best feel.



Music On The Radio, the show in Milan who interviewed us a few months ago have put an Unquiet Nights bio on their new website.  Also, "Someone's Love on Drugs" has been picking up some radio play, including on Experience Due on Radio Galileo.  There will be tonnes more though when we get a new single ready for release.  Got high hopes for some of the new material on radio, so we can add to our empire.



So I think anyone who follows my tangents on this blog deserve a bit more info about what to expect on the next album.  Standards are being raised, I'm picking holes in whatever can be improved since the first album - 21st Century Redemption Songs.

A theme which seems to be recurring and defining this next album, is that each of the songs have a strong sense of place, happening within specific cities.  I've been writing pretty consistently since I was 15, and leaving school at 16, have done a lot of traveling in Europe on my own.  Never in the context of a holiday, more likely to work as a musician, or look for it.  I think I've been in about 12 countries by now, and always liked to assimilate myself within local cultures, never to experience anything as a tourist.  To try and find the real experience itself, not the confection.  I'm not sure of the exact track list yet though, and not every song is autobiographical, maybe about half.  But some cities which definitely form the backdrop of some of the songs are....

»  L O N D O N

First went aged 11 in 1997, and coincidentally (ironically?), my first experience of London was being evacuated out of the underground from Heathrow Airport to the hotel due to an IRA bomb scare and losing my travel card in the chaos.  But in this way, as with many others, London always made me feel at home.  Since then I've been back countless times, sometimes seeing Spurs, but always trying to fulfill my destiny in music.  A lot of times as a session player on guitar or bass, or pretending to be one.  I stopped desiring this as something to be involved in though, maybe as early as 2005, and certainly by 2007.

Being asked by a famous 90's Britpop artist if I could play as well standing up as I did in the audition sitting down, for his manufactured girl singer, was something that quickened my understanding that I'd rather be dead than try to fit into what the business had become.  So, around then I decided to form Unquiet Nights and concentrate on my own songs.  Doing that was the path to being the best thing I could be, and standing out for something on my own.

You can be the judge of how that's going...

Anyway, I've always loved London, even the time I had to sell my Nikon camera to afford a flight home, and the 2 different times my bands were due to have a release out on Virgin before they suffered financial meltdowns (Virgin HUT & V2).  Also there was the first UN gig in London, in 2011 at the Scala in King's Cross as support to the Bloc Party guitarist.

Some of the other cities that are appearing in the writing of the next album, after first playing an important role in my life, and which I'll write a bit about in the next blogs are:

The first capital city I experienced & where most defining events happened.

The largest city on the island where I grew up - Ireland.

The capital city where I've spent the most time since 2009, when I was 23.

So, back to the act of actually recording the material that will make up the next album.  Will try and have something for you to listen to in the next blog.

Until the next one...


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