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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2015 - SKY Italia Buffa Racconta George Best, Irish Literary Times & more...

One of the wildest months since starting the band four and a half years ago for sure.  February 2015 gave us a few things that have allowed us up the ladder a bit further now and vindicated a lot of hard work.  Hopefully I can recap in something like chronological order.  Starting with...



On Jan 24th we released the "Constellations of She" single.  It's now on the main places like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and of course UnquietNights.com.  Loads of good feedback about it so far.  People like Amazing Radio & Blast 106FM have been playing it, and it's getting well supported in the podcast world.  It was in Episode 275 of Justin Wayne Show, and we've been added to various playlists on Picarock, Rocker's Dive, Radio Flote, EGH Radio, Revolver Underground, and had support from Emerging Indie Bands, A Momentary Lapse & A/V Music Revolution.  Twitter was ablaze too, loads of music blogs tweeted & re-tweeted positivity.


»  "GEORGE BEST CITY" starts gathering attention.  (05.02.2015)

It seems around this time that the B-side of the "Constellations..." single started picking up a life of it's own.  "George Best City" was focused on heavily in a feature by the Lurgan Mail, who came and recorded a video piece about it.

At that stage it had been on Cherrie McIlwaine's Late Show on BBC Northern Ireland, and posted a bunch of times by the official George Best page.  That sequence of events was priceless for us, and I can't thank Steve enough for that support, because we couldn't buy what happened next.  Stay with me, curious reader...




The song "George Best City" was pretty new really, 'cause normally I labor over things for years in different versions.  I remember a song with that title being written in August 2014, but then in Jan 2015 I pulled it apart and re-wrote it unrecognizably in time for the mixing session of "Constellations of She" & "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion", the second of which is an upcoming release in 2015.  While writing it, I remember reading an announcement from SKY Italia that they were going to Belfast to film a documentary on the life of George Best.  Great, I thought.  George had originally put Northern Ireland on the map, in a lot of ways.  Between him and Van Morrison, I guess George is at least as famous.  A lot of people outside Northern Ireland don't actually know where Belfast is.  So it'll be good if it helps show people, to use a phrase, "Our Wee Country".

Anyway, the documentary was aired on 7th Feb for the first time on SKY SPORT 1 in Italy.  Click the video below, it shows the first scene and last scene, due to SKY's copyright.  But listen after U2's "October" when Buffa is repeating Sir Alex Ferguson's quote that unquestionably the greatest player who ever lived was George Best...

I didn't know exactly what Shazam was, but I noticed "George Best City" has got "766 Shazams", mainly in the next few days after the premiere on SKY SPORTS 1.  Since the name of the band isn't on screen during the episode, Italians were using the Shazam app, according to the ones I talked to on Twitter, to recognize the audio and be able to find who the band are.  Cool, now I know...

SKY have been in contact since then, and have researched an article for their website, which should be online in the next couple of weeks.  Grazie mille to the SKY team who put it together.

The episode has been running since the 7th on different SKY channel: Sky Arte, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Sports 3, Supercalcio, Calcio, HD 400+1, etc.  They still keep adding more broadcasts, and have at least a few repeats on Sky Sport 1 during March.  The next episode is about Cruijff.

It restored some faith anyway.
Faith that sometimes the strength of an idea, the power of a song itself and nothing more can overcome all the bribery, corruption, nepotism, favoritism & huge budgets that nearly always pull the strings in the music business.  Sometimes a band/artist with just hard work and a song can win.
Not win all the time, but vitally... *some* of the time.
This time we won big, which can't be diminished.  Thank you George, Steve, Sara, etc, etc...


»  BLAST 106FM - SESSION  (09.02.2015)

Big Chris Barber played the "Constellations of She" single on his show The Scene on Blast 106FM, and we talked quite a bit.  I played the new Taylor guitar I got on a few live songs, which were "Love Leave Your Mark on Me", "George Best City" & "Shoulda Said Something", which at this stage probably constitutes an "oldie".  It's not technically a new guitar, just to me, I bought it from the Belfast songwriter Michael Kerr.  Didn't know that at the time, but that's who showed up!
Should be able to put this session online at a future date when I get time to edit it together.


»  FILTHY MCNASTY'S, BELFAST  (09.02.2015)

After the Blast106fm session I went over to Filthy McNasty's and did a bunch of songs.  Owen Strathern from General Fiasco / Oh Volcano! runs these things.  I did it one time in Queen's Speakeasy.  Going to go and see his new band in the Limelight on March 1st for a look.


»  GEORGE BEST CITY :   Music Video  (13.02.2015)

There was a video for "George Best City" in the works by Mikapix at the start of Feb anyway.
It wasn't online for about 5 days after the doc started running, so people would have something to "find".  But the release was somewhat rushed & we didn't know something like this was coming.
But it's over 2100 views in the couple of weeks since then, and has been added to the Rormix app.
That means it's available in mainland China, where Youtube is banned.  So they can see it now.
Mikapix compiled video as I was recording the song at Manor Park, there's no staged or mimed stuff.
The filming at Windsor Park was freezing that day.
As "Frostbit Boy" was becoming a viral sensation, I got frostbit above my mouth for real.  Stings.
So please watch, rate & share as much as you can on the video, we need all the support.


»  GEORGE BEST AUTOGRAPH  (17.02.2015)

Part of the article that SKY are planning to put online involves the couple of times I was lucky enough to meet George.  Also, being in Northern Ireland as I currently am, but usually am not, I remember to go into my grandad's attic and get from my pretty extensive collection of autographs and shirts, the pride of them all, which is this one...


»  UNKOVR.COM :  UNQUIET NIGHTS  (22.02.2015)

Greg Richling of Grammy winning band The Wallflowers had this to say:

"Unquiet Nights are a great young band with tons of energy and swagger that will excite fans of groups like the strypes, the vines, nirvana, and bloc party. have a listen!"

As of writing now, we're #10 in the Unkovr Top 100 rankings.

See the whole feature on Unkovr.com here.



It's fair to say that sales of the "Constellations of She" // "George Best City" single make it our fastest selling so far.  We really need that to continue to be able to press on with plans for the next release.  If you're just listening on Spotify, it's not really helping us release more music, because they pay after a long time, and disgustingly badly.  UnquietNights.com & Bandcamp have got it too.

Lots of people got in touch during February.  Hundreds on twitter, more on Facebook, which was really heartening.  We picked up a lot of new mailing listers, obviously most of them in Italy, given what happened during Feb.  So we're looking forward to getting to play for you.

People like the Irish Literary Times have posted about the video.  We really appreciate it.
They don't have to, because we don't have PR representation, but sometimes it happens organically.

I'm playing some solo songs at The Empire, Belfast on 4th March.
Will play something new for the first time, no one's heard it.  Will play "George Best City" too.


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