Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2016 - Upcoming Italian gigs, EX39 remix, More Space etc...

During February apart from stuffing envelopes with copies of Postcards in Real Time, I also came back to Italy to prepare for a few things including Treviso & Torino in a couple of weeks.


  Back in Italy. temporarily.

Returned on Feb 9th on the usual Dublin - Roma flight which I usually get in winter since the Belfast flights are seasonal.  This isn't exactly where we live, but the block straight ahead is something similar.  Got some gigs in Treviso (11th March) and Torino (17th March) coming up.


  Postcards in Real Time

The second album has been out since December 11th, on USB Flashdrive, as well as the CD Digipak and Digital download versions.  Suffice to say, the communication we've received & notes from people who have bought it have been fantastic.  Below is the inside cover...


  Seeing Double.

People in other countries might find this photo strange, so this is for you.  In Euro 2016, both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have made the finals which doesn't often happen.  These are the official sticker books of each team being sold side by side in a store in Co. Armagh.  Notice that the price for Northern Ireland is in £ Sterling, and the Republic's price is in €uro.  Football is segregated in Ireland, whereas sports like Rugby and Boxing are not.
Anyway, I'll be hoping both teams do well, and especially proud of Northern Ireland for winning our group.


  Gibson Midtown

Most of Postcards in Real Time was recorded using my Fender Telecaster and Manor Park's Vox AC-30 with a Blues Driver pedal.

Over in Italy I've got this guitar, which is a Gibson Midtown.  Better suited to the 3 piece version of Unquiet Nights probably.  With my Blackstar HT Stage 60 cranked loud it's a powerful combo.  Gotta resist the urge to divebomb the Bigsby trem though because string breakage inevitably follows.

Here I am attempting to ape the Dire Straits "Brother's in Arms" album cover.


  EX39 - Destiny Calling (Remix)

Wanted to share this remix of "Destiny Does The Splitstep" from the new album.
EX39 did some remixes of our songs from the first album too.
He's used some tracks here that didn't make the finished record.  We like it.


  More Space.

The thing I've always been most interested in is the process of making records.
A sense of space might be the key variable in how exactly a record sounds.
Apart from a couple of outside sessions, the first two albums were recorded in a tiny, tiny, space.
Most of my recording equipment is spread between Italy & the UK in boxes never being used.
It would be good one day to have them all in one place and switched on so I could use them.
I used to have a studio, but haven't had access to it since before the first album was recorded.
It's an ambition, and new year's resolution of sorts to be able to post later in 2016 rectifying this.
More space both sonically and physically.  Metaphorically and literally.


  & The Last Thing...

You can get the new album "Postcards in Real Time" on USB Flashdrive, the old school CD Digipak version, and as Digital download.  We're extremely appreciative of the support so far, the return is letting us make plans for new releases.

Hopefully we'll see some people in the north of Italy in a couple of weeks in Treviso (11th March), and Torino (17th March).

All the best!  UN.

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