Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2017 - Billy Connolly, Torino (Live), Studio: Pt. 9 & more...

The studio now has a control room window. We found a live version from Torino you might like and I got to see one of my heroes in Belfast. Here's a short update about some happenings in February.


Studio Building: Pt 9

It took a lot of planning, but the control room is now fully sealed off with an 8ft x 4ft tilted window. It's 1/2'' thick laminate glass, with the plan to have a 3/8'' pane opposite it when the other leaf of the cavity wall is built to form the Live Room next door. SOME BIG DRUM SOUNDS AHEAD.


Ethernet Hookup

This was before the window was fully in but if you look at the back wall you can see the Cat 7 ethernet cable hanging down in some conduit ducting. It's all finished now and the studio is fully broadband capable. A bunch of other cosmetic things to polish off, but you get the idea.


Billy Connolly

One of my longest held heroes has always been Billy Connolly. Loads of times in my life his stuff has nursed me out of one depression or another. I've got basically all his releases as they've come out, but having been in Italy for 6 years I've not had the chance to see him live. I was glad to see it confirmed as I thought that his recent troubles with Parkinson's hadn't dulled his observational comedy. Just slowed his speech patterns a wee bit. If anything his material is getting sharper.


Studio Prints

The studio walls will have some mounted prints to preserve some of the stuff we've done, and the people we've met. Here's one that was left on the cutting room floor though...


And here's one that made it, and is now brightening up the control room. I think the photograph is by Carrie Davenport, and was taken @ Auntie Annie's in 2012. So it's "21st...." era!


Live in Torino.

We've never uploaded any of the audio from the last Italian dates, but here's a version of "George Best City" from Torino. It's pretty different from the studio version, maybe you like that?

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