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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2018 - The Big List, Sounds of NI, KCLR 96fm & more...

February was good. The new single "Promise of You" was released on the 16th and loads of positive stuff has been happening about that. Some reviews, radio plays, text interviews, audio interviews, a "Song of the Week" and an "Emerging Artist of the Week".  So, in no particular order...


The Big List

If you get a copy of The Big List entertainment guide dated 19th Feb - 18th March you'll notice Def Leppard on the cover and an incitement to turn to Page 8 for the Unquiet Nights interview about the "Promise of You" single release. For those of you abroad here are the relevant pages digitally...


Sounds of NI - "Emerging Artist"

So the singer of Pay*ola is also the host of the Sounds of NI radio show & podcast. We were naturally elated to hear that for Episode. 109, we were Emerging Artist of the week, and that "Promise of You" was on the show.

Being an old school Pay*ola fan I'll tip "Beautiful People" and "How'd You Get So Low?" as my favourite tracks. Plus any band who use George Best iconography are awesome.......; )
Find us after about 8 mins on soundcloud.

Promise of You
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Promise of You

The "PROMISE OF YOU" single itself was out on Feb 16th, and it's been great to see a lot of you have been buying it since it's been on iTunesAmazonSpotify & Google Play as well as through unquietnights.com store which is the best way to buy it. Seem to be coming up on 4,000 Spotify plays too which is handy. If you ain't got it yet you can either click ADD TO CART on the right of this text, or if you want to get it by physical means the only way to do that for this single is on our FlashDrive Discography. You'll get the lossless audio version that way.

Anyway, the response has been real good.
Another new single coming on April 8th.



Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show - Song of the Week


A huge amount of thanks to Roddie Cleere both for having "Promise of You" as his Song of the Week on Feb 11th, and for being a tireless champion of new Irish music on KCLR 96fm in Kilkenny & Carlow.

Listen to the Feb 11th podcast on mixcloud here.

On April 8th I'm going to be on his show sometime between 8pm - 10pm and the next single will be revealed then. Details will be posted here.

In conclusion...
Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show is great.


Eclectic Music Lover (Single Review)

".....“Promise of You” is the first single, and it’s a hard-rockin’ beauty! It starts off with a drawn-out electric guitar note, then an explosion of gritty guitars and fuzzy bass rain down, propelled by a crushing drumbeat that really gets the blood pumping. The track grows more intense as dramatic synths and layers of jangly and shredded guitars are added, building to a pulse-pounding crescendo. The instrumentals are phenomenal, and Mathers fervent vocals perfectly convey the unbridled passion he feels for another, and the exciting promise of a romantic entanglement.

It’s a fantastic track, and a promising (no pun intended) sign that Unquiet Nights will be delivering another stellar album for our listening enjoyment......"

Read the full review at Eclectic Music Lover

Down The Front Media (Single Review)

".....‘Promise of You’ starts with a couple of brief, almost eerie guitar notes that give way to a pounding drum beat that continues throughout the whole song. I couldn’t help but sway and nod my head to the beat, it is really infectious. The simplistic 2 line chorus has a haunting quality that really stuck in my head after only one listen......" 

Read the full review at Down The Front Media


"..........Q. Where do you trace your love of (good) music back to? 

A. The first guy I saw with a guitar was Roy Orbison, then I started collecting records by The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers and Genesis. I'd spend days looking through those big metal racks that swung on a hinge in the record stores back in the early '90s and basically picked out albums I wanted to hear based on the cover. Those bands were the ones that stuck and have been with me my whole life so far.........."

Read the full interview at Déshabillé

The Melting Pat (Audio Interview)

Had a chat on Episode 129 of Pat Johnston's show The Melting Pat about a whole pile of various topics including sandwiches, Bret Hart's theme music, the fact I've never skied, Promise of You, recording and a bunch of other stuff.  You can find all the ways to listen to Episode 128 on this post.

Chordblossom Playlist

The Chordblossom Playlist on Spotify has been "revitalised with 25 brand, new tracks for your listening pleasure". Thanks to them for including "Promise of You".



Since I figured out how to use Instagram properly our feed has been updated much more regularly with new stuff and also throwbacks, so make sure to follow unquietnights for beauties such as... 


Radio Thanks

Wanna say thanks to Alternative Tracks on Island Radio, Rock on the Rise ROTR, Paddy Mac from Good Morning on Dundalk 97.7fm, Blues Brunch on NCB Radio and any other radio people who've been supporting the "Promise of You" release in the meantime.


Postcards in Real Time...

The current album Postcards in Real Time is available in the following formats:
CD Digipak
2)  USB Flashdrive
3)  Digital

You can also get yourself a T-Shirt...
Or the "Established" backpack...

Until the next one!....


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