Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Feb 2019 - First Rehearsals & Recording in Credential Sound….

Been recording & rehearsing new songs for the first time in the drum room of Credential Sound. Rodger was back in NI for a while and we had a couple of late nighters running through new material out there. A lot of it sounded good and I’m pretty excited about how new material can turn out.


Credential Sound: Part 27

Here’s a video of us trying “Promise of You” which was one of the singles we put out in 2018. He had never played it before so you’ll notice there’s a cool dropout in the drums in this video which isn’t on the single. Maybe an idea of how we’d play it live in future. Have a look….!


Postcards in Real Time...

In terms of building the studio, I think we’re up to Part 27 this month. It’s not completely finished inside, but it’s far enough along now to where I’m working away mixing and everything. There are bits of woodwork that need done and eventually the drum room needs some kind of floor. Anyway I’m planning on making a video tour of it when it’s a bit further along. In future we’re going to release live productions from the studio.



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Postcards in Real Time...

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