Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jan 2011 - Balcony TV, Dublinzine & €50.

» Balcony TV Dublin
Rodger and myself went to the roof of the Morgan Hotel in Dublin to play a song for Balcony TV.  After a bit of deliberation, we decided to do "Burning The Tracks".  Then at a service station on the way home, I found a €50 note in the car park.  It's on record we got lucky once, at least.  Here's the video...


» Dublinzine
Dublinzine were kind enough to blog the BalconyTV appearance here, and an interview they did.  Although I did get asked about Cowell again.

Unquiet Nights are the business. A kind of shining light in the Irish music world. Lead singer Luke Mathers answers some questions for dublinzine."
You have quite an authentic rock/indie sound, do you think rock will make some kind of a comeback?" Full interview here.


» Modirn Records Compilation
A label in New York have included "Burning The Tracks" on a compilation album, called "Modirn Music Sampler: Vol 4". Hopefully it's good promotion for them and us. Links to buy are on their site and you can listen to it on Last.fm.
modirn records | website
modirn records | last.fm


» Le Stream with Yan Theriault
Canadian comic Yan Theriault has used "Burning The Tracks" on the intro to his show, Le Stream.  Great early exposure, thanks to Yan for that.  His website is: www.yantheriault.com.


» Recording Update
Here's a couple of photos of us recording on the first album, for anyone interested. We've done the pro studio thing before when everything is nice and tidy, but we're going for a bit more personality in the recording process here. The recording's you'll hopefully have heard already have the DIY ethic we wanted. Currently working on one called "Song of Lust" now, stay tuned.


» Blind Carrot Magazine: Unquiet Nights feature
It may sound odd to compare an Irish band to an American icon, but there's more than a bit of similarity to early Tom Petty in Unquiet Nights' sound.  Full article by Deena McClusky here.


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