Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jan 2016 - The Noisy Plug, Blues Brunch, Serena, Phil, 30 & more...

Definitely into 2016, and definitely into my 30's.  I'm writing to you from Northern Ireland, where I'm still trying to sort out a bunch of pressures from outside music that has been stopping me from concentrating on Unquiet Nights recently.  Still..! "Postcards in Real Time" is doing well, and it's been great reading the comments from y'all who bought the first one saying this is better.


  Interview - The Justin Wayne Show

I mentioned doing this interview with Justin Wayne & his co-host Claire a while ago.  Here's the audio if you want to hear how that went.  I love Justin's show, and it would be good if some time in the future it picks up wide syndication.  He loves independent music, and is one of the DJs who doesn't just do what PR companies tell him to.  From memory, the interview was interesting... 


  A change of pace.

Along with my George Best & Jimmy Page autographs, here's one of my favorites I recently found.
Maybe I mentioned I've been living out of a suitcase for about 7 years, so I usually have problems locating stuff.  Phil's announcement that he's no longer retired seemed to make a lot of people angry, but not me.  I love his solo career, in Genesis with Tony & Mike, I love Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Ray Wilson's album with Genesis.  I'm a freak!
Regardless, in what was a tough month, finding this again made me happy.


  This is Serena.

Serena is the newest member of Unquiet Nights.  She is all seeing & all knowing when it comes to traffic jams and speed cameras.  She's also fully equipped with European maps.
With time to spare, she gets us there.  She is awesome.


  Blues Brunch w/ Nigel Day

Speaking of great DJs who care about music, Nigel Day's Blues Brunch has been giving UN a lot of attention recently.  He's played a bunch of our songs, and had me pick 3 influential tracks last week for a later episode of his show.  Here's a new one "Jefferson Was Right" though...


  The Noisy Plug - Dublin City 103.2 FM(30.01.2016)

Rounded out the month with an hour on Hazey Lake's Noisy Plug show on Dublin City FM.  She played a few off the new album & had me play a couple live, which were "Something To Begin" & "Love Leave Your Mark on Me".  Otherwise we had a stream of consciousness style chat for the rest of the hour....pretty much.  You can hear it all on Hazey's mixcloud.
The trip down from Portadown train station wasn't too warm, as you can see.


  Other News

Thanks for the support this month from Euphonious Radio Canada (John Harrison), Galaxy 107 (DJ Suzy), Moonacrobat Playlist 332, NCB Radio (Sunday Blues Brunch), Froome 96 FM (Dave Watkins), Dublin City FM (Hazel Lake) & everyone in radio I'm missing out who've been supporting us.


  Until the next one...

Remember we've got both albums on USB Flashdrive, which is Lossless format for audiophiles.  Also the CD Digipak version, which can be dedicated in gold or silver if you include it at your time of order.  You can get the Digital version here on unquietnights.com too, which is cheaper than from Amazon or iTunes.

A very sincere thanks for your continued support.

Take it easy,


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