Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jan 2017 - Studio Building: Pt. 8, Mapex Saturn & more...

In this update I wanted to post a couple of additions to the studio in the way of music equipment. Still working hard on the building of the studio's control room which now has a small kitchen beside the vocal booth. Anyway, on to that equipment...


Mapex Saturn V Exotic

I needed to update the shell pack of the drum kit, so went for a Mapex Saturn V Exotic which sounds great to me. Already had the Black Panther 6.5'' snare from back in Italy and the plan is to get a decent 5'' snare to have the choice. A pair of low velocity Crash & Rides would be useful too for rehearsals to control those transients. Oh, and to build the live room to play them in...

 Mapex Saturn V Exotic (Shell Pack) w/ Mapex Black Panther 6.5'' snare.

Mapex Saturn V Exotic (Shell Pack) w/ Mapex Black Panther 6.5'' snare.


Studio Update: Pt. 8

Another addition is this 19'' rack unit (graphite) which I needed to house some of the basic stuff like a rack tuner, a power supply and the audio interface. Like anyone who records music though it will inevitably become a bankrupting habit of collecting compressors, limiters, delays and transient designers. Behind it you can see the bay for the XLR cables to come out of the vocal booth and be routed into the back of the rack units, or through the worktop to the desk.

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We Got Paypal now.

To celebrate the fact that along with all major credit cards, our store is now equipped to accept Paypal at the checkout, I'm leaving a nice picture of one of the T-Shirts you can get there.

Which loved one wouldn't appreciate several of these as a gift, I ask you?

Anyway, your support is always greatly appreciated and keeps us going and releasing albums and touring, etc.

There are also female versions in the "Junior Fit" and the "Spaghetti Bella Canvas". You can see how those look by clicking the thumbnails under the main picture on this page.



I Promise We Are Working On New Music.

 Photographic evidence.

Photographic evidence.


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