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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jan 2019 - Credential Sound: Pt. 26, future releases…

Greetings from 2019! We’ve been trying out the new drum room at Credential Sound. Rodger has been here the last couple of days and we’ve been going over some new songs that might make the third album, and generally adjusting the room to have the best recording environment. After a couple of years building, that’s been fun…

003. CredSound.JPG

Future Releases, etc..

The recorded sound we’re getting in Credential Sound is pleasing. Also the fact it’s inspiring the writing of new stuff is always great. I wanna have a flavour of the new studio on every track on the next album if possible. There was some other material recorded before Credential Sound was built, so I guess we might release one of those as a single before the next album is ready, so there’s something new out while you’re waiting. Then the plan is to start fresh on the third album with only stuff that was recorded @ Credential Sound.

002. St Annes.JPG

Credential Sound: Part 26

In terms of building the studio, there are a few things left to do. As you can see the drum room floor needs to be tiled, and there needs to be a second control room window put in. There’s a cupboard not visible where the electrical units are that needs to be finished too, which will be good as it’ll be another 45 degree angle to improve the sound of the room. Then the room needs painted, and I’m thinking of replacing the lights with a couple of chandeliers. There’s time to finish all that, for now I’m happy it’s ready for recording…



We’re pretty active on Instagram @unquietnights these days, so if you wanna ask anything there we usually see it and respond. Planning to keep it updated about the recording of the new material and whatever else…. Sometimes weird alcoholic drinks we’ve found, new equipment, photo throwbacks, merch, etc….


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