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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jul 2014 - Planning "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" video shoot.

It's probably the first time that I've left Italy and arrived in Belfast to find a warmer temperature than from where I left.  This was the case on arrival from Pisa and it lasted for a lot of July.  This month we were mostly sorting out arrangements to start shooting the "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" music video.  Sourcing locations, equipment, money and so on.  The recording side though hasn't dulled down at all, work well underway on the next album's material.


»   V I D E O   S H O O T :   L A T E S T   N E W S

I've been saying a lot recently that it's time to shoot the first Unquiet Nights video.  We've been planning it this month with Maverick Renegade at the Oh Yeah! Music Center in Belfast (see below).  We're starting to shoot on August 2nd, so pretty soon after this blog goes up.  Matteo & Francesco will both be over here for that, which will be both their first times in N. Ireland.  The Oh Yeah! place is pretty cool though, they've got Gary Moore's Les Paul and a bunch of other stuff.

Oh Yeah! Music Center

Oh Yeah! Music Center


»   V I D E O   S H O O T :   L O C A T I O N

Location wise we're using the rooftop of The Europa Hotel, one of the most recognizable hotels in the world.  The hotel itself is famous for many reasons, and has much in common with the song we're doing.  There's more about that in this great documentary "Bombs, Bullets and Business as Usual".

Europa Hotel, Belfast.  Photo by Jack Driver.

Europa Hotel, Belfast.  Photo by Jack Driver.


»   C A T H E D R A L   Q U A R T E R ,   B E L F A S T .

Since I was last there, the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast has started to look a lot more colourful.  Now it resembles something like Temple Bar in Dublin.  It's pleasing to see some Northern Irish figures being celebrated here who are already vastly celebrated abroad.


»   V E R S E  C H O R U S  V E R S E   @   A T L A N T I C   L O U N G E ,   P O R T R U S H .

People with access to the north coast of Ireland already had a good reason to go to the Atlantic Lounge in Portrush on Friday 8th August, but now they have further incentive to go.  As well as the fantastic VerseChorusVerse (Tony Wright, founder of And So I Watch You From Afar), I'll be there doing a set of Unquiet Nights tunes.  Stuff from "21st..." and newer things from the next album. 

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