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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jul 2015 - SKY Calciomercato, Hotpress, "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" & more...

July '15 was another great month for us.  We released a new single called "Love Leave Your Mark on Me", which debuted on Sky Sport 1, made Hotpress Mag's Tracks of the Fortnight and is available now at pretty much all the stores.  We did other things too, so let's get into those....



"Love Leave Your Mark on Me" is from a session we did at Manor Park in April, which also produced also the b-side "More Than These Eyes".  Had a good time recording these using the Vox AC-30 amp they have there, and my Telecaster which I rarely get to play as it's in storage in NI.
You can get it at the usual stores, including:  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp & UnquietNights.com.  The last two are the best as the first three pay us basically nothing.

Love Leave Your Mark on Me (Digital Single)

01 - Love Leave Your Mark on Me (3:42)
02 - More Than these Eyes (6.00)

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"....Hotly tipped rock band Unquiet Nights unleash their heart-swelling new single 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' on July 20.

Guaranteed to be adored by anyone with an affection for anthemic indie rock, Belfast-born, Italian-based band Unquiet Nights' brand new single 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' looks set to be the soundtrack of the summer when it's officially released on July 20.

Featuring singer/guitarist Luke Mathers, keyboardist Francesco Piciucchi and drummer Matteo Bussotti, 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' is backed by b-side 'More Than These Eyes' and follows hot on the heels of the January-unleashed 'Constellations Of She/'George Best City', a release which  gained the band significant play on Sky Television and multiple live appearances on Italian TV.

Sure to be another success for the band, the synth-swathed 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' showcases a three-piece who are unafraid of breaking and blending musical boundaries and is taken from their impending, winter released second studio album (title to be confirmed)....."

For Fans Of:
The Gin Blossoms, the Wallflowers, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Pink Floyd.

- Edwin McFee (Hotpress)


»  SKY CALCIOMERCATO  (21.07.2015)

We got the chance to have "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" debut (both video & single) on SKY Sport 1 in Italy during an episode of Calciomercato with Alessandro Bonan & Gianluca Di Marzio.  They had us on due to the success of the Buffa Racconta: George Best documentary which featured our song "George Best City".  It was a great step for the band, I vaguely remember talking about Best, Balotelli and singing "Oh, Pretty Woman" to end the show.  This was due to sharing a mutual passion for Orbison with Alessandro Bonan.  The day itself was pretty hard for us before getting to the studio, a lot of stuff happened and it was expensive to fix, which we blogged about here.  Such is life for an independent band though... It was still an awesome thing to happen in an already awesome sequence of events following the #SkyBuffaRacconta doc.  Hope to be back....


»  HOTPRESS - Track(s) of the Fortnight.  (24.07.2015)

Ireland's long time biggest, most influential music magazine HOTPRESS have got "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" in their Tracks of the Fortnight piece, released 24.07.2015.


»  UPDATE:  "George Best: Der ungezähmte Fußballer".  (31.07.2015)

People who've been following us for a while now will remember that a few months ago a book was released in Germany called George Best: Der ungezähmte Fußballer.

It features bits of interview that author Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling did with me in research for his book.  He asked about George, Belfast, Northern Ireland & some family stuff.

Anyway, I heard earlier that it's been nominated for "Sportsbook of the Year" in Germany.  So I hope for Dietrich, and the publishers Verlag Die Werkstatt that it wins.  It would be warm and fuzzy to be a part of something like that.



A few miscellaneous thanks to give out.  Roots Musings on Dublin City FM, for having "Someone's Love on Drugs" on their 17.07.2015 episode.  People on Instagram who continue to post George Best City tributes.  EmergingIndieBands.com for covering the single.  The Big List (Entertainment Guide) did an interview with us that should be out around 3rd or 4th of August.  It'll be on the latest news section as soon as we have it.

Until the next one...

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