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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jul 2017 - Studio Building: Pt 14, The Fox Solution & more...

Apologies for being real late on this blog to show you the progress for July, but things have been really hectic, including the failing of my laptop's hard drive. Anyway it's been a good month regardless. Album sales spiked a bit, and the studio walls are growing upwards.


Dual Monitoring.

The control room now features two 23'' monitors for the Pro Tools setup. It makes workflow much quicker and easier to have the mix console spread over two screens, and should make editing the third album and future releases smoother. Been waiting on this upgrade for a while.


The Fox Solution.

Been having a problem lately with huge flocks of birds landing on the roof of the studio and scratching around while I'm trying to concentrate to edit/record in the room underneath. So to cure this problem we got a fox, which is now living around the studio area and is tasked with keeping the birds away. Every studio should have one. This is it set to "Prowl & Menace" mode....

...And this is it in "Rest and bark at flies" mode. One day I found a working glove on the lawn and wondered where it came from, then the next day the fox was laying in the same spot. So... mystery solved. Anyway he/she is doing a good job of keeping birds and rodents away.


Studio Building: Pt 14

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