Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jul 2018 - Credential Sound Pt. 22, George Best City's royalty stream...

Things are happening at Castle Unquiet. One good thing is that we've done a lot of work in the live room of Credential Sound and finally it's starting to look like a studio. Another good thing is that we got the PRS royalty cheque covering early 2015, that was a good time for us.


Credential Sound: Part 22

As you can see below, a lot of the woodwork is finished in the Live Room at Credential Sound. It's a pretty good sounding room already. Done some experiments with miking the drums. Actually we've been laying out the room from the start and planning which materials to use where based on how it's sounding as we've gone along. More to come on this subject obviously, once we start using it full time it'll be a fantastic asset for creating music.

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Newsflash! Musician gets paid.

To the casual observer it mightn't seem like a major event, but if you don't know that Hunter S. Thompson quote about the music industry, it's something like: "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side..."

In my experience the above is true, so it feels extra special on the occasions we've been able to "win".
The royalty payment in July was by far the single biggest one I've ever had in music, and mostly derives from Sky Sport's usages of "George Best City" throughout 2015. It had been so long that I'd forgotten about it and stopped expecting it, but there you go. Created something from nothing and managed to be there with the Led Zeppelins and Van Morrisons in the soundtrack and get paid for it eventually. On Instagram I thanked Ralph, Steve & Sara for their role in it happening.

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