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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jul 2019 - Hotpress Vol43-10, Credential Sound: Part 30, WLR & more…

Really pleased at the response to the FOUR WINDS single we put out recently. Lots of you thought it was one of our best things we’ve done. It made the Tracks of the Fortnight in Hot Press, and has picked up new stations that are playing us for the first time. More on that, but FIRST, some updates about our studio…


Credential Sound: Part 30

The live recording room at the time of the last blog had a polished concrete floor, and as you can see below it’s been tiled now in Black Porcelain. We’re really happy with the look of it, and from early tests with the drums it seems to have slightly improved the sound of the room. Skirting boards are in now too. Onwards!

The addition of a tambourine and stick bag should keep the drummers busy.


Hot Press: Vol 43 Issue 10 (17.07.2019)

As I said above, we were delighted to be a Track of the Fortnight in Hot Press with FOUR WINDS. In fact we were so delighted that we framed it along with a few other appearances in Hot Press for the walls of Credential Sound.

HOTPRESS (Framed) (2).jpg
HOTPRESS Four Winds (July2019).jpg

“…The NI/Italy-based band’s first new material of 2019 is a soaring statement of intent. Their darkest offering to date, it tips a cap to Dave Gilmour’s famous guitar-work, while telling a tale of a twisted love affair. Bolstered by a stadium-bothering chorus, this unforgettable number really impresses with repeat plays. Here’s hoping there’s more new material on the way…”


Four Winds (Single)

If you haven’t heard FOUR WINDS yet, alls you gotta do is click play below for a listen, and then indeed click BUY and then SHARE too afterwards for the best effect. We really appreciate those who’ve done any of the above.
Also want to thank Zoe Staunton on WLR 97.5fm for giving us our first play on that station. ❤


Postcards in Real Time...

The current album Postcards in Real Time is available in the following formats:
CD Digipak
2)  USB Flashdrive
3)  Digital

You can also get yourself a T-Shirt...
Or the "Established" backpack...

Until the next one!....


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