Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jun 2012 - RTÉ 2fm, Louder Than War & Beatwolf.

What an Italian-Irish month June has been.  I say so because as I was watching Rep. Ireland v. Italy in Euro 2012 last week here in my adopted country, and listening to the intense screaming as they beat us this time, it was only a couple of days later that I heard the altogether more glorious sound of RTÉ playing Unquiet Nights for the first time.


»   R T É   2 F M   -   2 0 T H   J U N E   2 0 1 2

Jenny Huston has joined the Mount Rushmore of Unquiet Nights history as the first DJ to play us on RTÉ (Ireland's national radio network, for those of you abroad).  She obviously has great taste in music, mixing us in with The Rolling Stones & Nirvana (playlist).  If you read this blog often you'll know how much we love to break new ground on national radio, because for a band like UN it's massively against the odds without certain professional people representing us.


»   B E A T W O L F   R A D I O   -   M A N C H E S T E R

Indie music journalist, radio Dj & new music afficionado Shell Zenner has played "Burning The Tracks" on her Pacemaker show on Beatwolf Radio.  It's a great station in Manchester, run by Mike Joyce of The Smiths.


»   L O U D E R   T H A N   W A R :   Album Review (Tony Simo  )

"A couple of weeks ago I had an affirming surprise when a long trusted source linked me to a stream of “21st Century Redemption Songs”, the debut album by the Belfast band Unquiet Nights.  Already the auto-suggestion of the album title prepared me for a band with solid grounding in the rootsier elements of the musical spectrum...."

Read the full article.

Louder Than War is a website dedicated to international Punk, Rock & Pop culture.

See other reviews of "21st Century Redemption Songs" here.


»   R O C K   P R O D I G Y   R A D I O

Rock Prodigy Radio (Belgium) played "Shoulda Said Something" on the 18th.  They had done a special the week before on Northern Irish bands in association with Bands NI.


»   F R E I R A D   1 0 5 . 9   F M   -   I N N S B R U C K

Mark of World's End Music Festival was on Freirad 105.9fm (Innsbruck - Austria) talking about the festival and picked out some tracks including our very own "Silent Picture Show".

Have a listen below & thanks to Mark for that.


21st Century Redemption Songs is available physically using Paypal, or Bandcamp for £8 + P&P. It comes with a booklet, liner notes & the same 10 songs as the digital version, which is available at all these stores also.

You can download some of the songs from unquietnights.com/music, but if you do that as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or twitter to stay up to date.


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