Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jun 2016 - Walls & Bridges...(Mostly walls). CVLT Youths. Our Euros.

A permanent studio is being built.  I mentioned that last month, but it means that June 2016 has been more about constructing walls than song mixes.  It will take quite a while to reach the end result with this one, but we'll get there.  Some of you asked about it on Instagram so here's a bit of a longer update.  Following that, some thoughts on the next UN music in the pipeline.


»  Control Room.

There is space to eventually build a Live room beside where I'm working on now.  I mean a drum room with a high ceiling hopefully, but that's a longer term project.  I have paperwork to pass as well there before building work can proceed, so I'll keep updates focused on the control room for now.

SAT 18 JUNE:  The first job was to rip out the timber framed wall which originally was the front of the building.  Got up at 7am to finish that, giving a full day of dry weather to start the block work.  Armed with a bunch of stainless steel wall ties, a new set of Silverline trowels and some help, the front wall is now complete.  It took a few days though, gotta wait on that cement drying.

TUE 21 JUNE:  As you can see below, by now the wall is finished and ready for some insulation and the inner shell.  I'm painting all the interior walls now at least to seal off some of the cement dust in the air.  Marked a spot for the security door between the Control Room and the future Live Room.  Giving other thoughts to the roof, inner suspended ceiling, air conditioning duct, control room studio window & potential floor covering.  Most of all though: the money to pay for it all...


»  Album Collection.

When I moved to Italy permanently in 2010, I had to put my album collection into storage in my grandparents attic.  It's been good to unpack it again and look through what I had.  I got up one night at 3am and organized it.  Obviously the main categories arrange themselves: The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Springsteen, Roy Orbison.

I made a top 5 of forgotten albums though, ones which I haven't listened to since then.

1)  Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
2)  Joni Mitchell - Blue
3)  John Lennon - Walls & Bridges
4)  James Taylor - October Road
5)  Hard-Fi - Stars of CCTV (love it).


»  Instagram

As usual we've been keeping the followers of @UnquietNights updated on everything we're doing.  So for example if you want to see a Delorean car as used in Back To The Future, I stumbled across one pretty near where I'm living right now.  I'm not a massive, what's the word they use.... "petrol-head", but if anyone gave me the chance to rake the car at top speed on a speedway or something, I'd do it.

Not expecting the chance anytime soon though.


»  CVLT Youths - An Album a Day

Found this blog about "Someone's Love in Drugs" through Last.fm.

".....I clicked on the first track, and wasn’t prepared for what came next: I found myself falling in love with the gently-picked chords of yearning and despair....."

Read in full here.


»  Doubly Disappointed.

The Northern Ireland team were a major success in Euro 2016.  Nobody can deny that.  Our country of less than 2m people topped the group to qualify, hammered Ukraine to reach the last 16 and were unbelievably hard to break down by the greatest players in the world. Muller, Lewandowski, Bale....meet Michael McGovern.

At times we were hopeful that a major TV network would use George Best City in their coverage of NI matches, given the positive indicators we received in the weeks leading up to the tournament, but in the end it would've required the beating of Wales so that a particular network would be carrying the next match.  Still, you can't have everything all the time.  The NI team, as well as the song, beat the odds during 2015-16 and had a shining season.  On-wards, and as they say in Northern Ireland, upwards.


»  Thoughts on the next UN music...

Life is problematic right now, but maybe yours is too, so I'll not linger on any of that.  There are people I'd love to work with in music, I've got a mental list of people with whom it might be possible.  Anyway the current gossip is that a guy near the top of my list, from one of my favorite bands in the world, which have won a couple of Grammy's, is on board for some of our new stuff.  Still too early in the timeline to elaborate further, but I'll try hard and be in a position in the next blog to have a few more details.  I've written loads of material for the 3rd album, and am feeling good about that part of it.  I don't know how much the new studio will feature on the next album, if it will be ready in time.  I'm sure some amps & vocals will at least be recorded there.  Bring it on.

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