Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jun 2018 - Love for Rolling Stones, Credential Sound: Part 22...

Getting stuck into putting the ceiling in Credential Sound this month, and listening to loads of music and concert video through the studio speakers while doing it. On top of that we're getting all the cable routing done to be able to record drums in the Live Room of the studio. But first, watch this....!


Rolling Stones @ Circo Massimo, Roma. 2014

Found a really great video during one of the long nights installing the ceiling at Credential Sound recently. I was at the Rolling Stones gig in Rome in 2014 myself, but had never seen a decent quality video of it. This one below auto-played after something I was watching, and I was amazed to see the gig again in pretty decent quality. Especially through the studio monitors in Credential Sound so Daryl's bass playing really comes through properly. Incidentally the "Streets of Love" from this gig was released by the Stones officially with footage shot around Roma during the build up including a wedding and other stuff. Give it a try...

Control Room (1) SQUARE.jpeg

Credential Sound: Part 22

At the minute I'm putting in the wooden ceiling in the drum room, so the instruments from that room are all crammed inside the control room (pictured). It's being done in spruce cladding and maybe in the next blog it'll be far enough along to upload a couple of photos. The concrete floor in the drum room has dried out nicely since it was laid last month, and I've already recorded a few drum tracks by way of testing the ambiance in there. Pretty good! With a few tweaks in the way of wall treatments and it should be a great sounding room when it's finished.


Live @ Mattorosso, Italy. (11.03.2016)

I was sharing this video with one of our Last.fm friends Christian during the week, and thought I might as well include it in the blog this month. It's the majority of our set from Mattorosso in Italy.



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Belfast 2012

Was a bit stuck for a photo in widescreen for this month's blog, so dug out this one from Auntie Annie's in Belfast from 2012. The photo is by Carrie Davenport I think, so thanks to her.

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