Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Jun 2019 - Four Winds, Hot Press & Credential Sound: Part 29…

Four Winds came out as a single on June 14th & it was all very exciting. Credential Sound (our studio) is making a lot of progress too. More on both those things in this update, starting with….

Four Winds
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Four Winds

You can get it & hear “FOUR WINDS” on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp & Google Play now in case you haven’t already heard it. Alternatively you can buy it straight from us by clicking “Add To Cart” on the right here.

The single has been doing really well and before I forget I want to thank Roddie Cleere on KCLR for playing it a bunch of times during the month. Some great reviews are coming in, so I’ll post a few of them below….



“…Formerly an inhabitant of the deeper end of the indie rock pool, Unquiet Nights have now aimed themselves at a more mature and mainstream rock audience with their song “Four Winds” being both memorable and successful in its festival friendly aims…”

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Eclectic Music Lover

“…“Four Winds” opens with an ominous synth chord and pounding drum beat, then we’re suddenly plunged headlong into a gorgeous reverb-drenched soundscape of swirling guitars, dramatic sweeping synths, throbbing bass and muscular, thumping drumbeats. Mathers’ vocals are wonderful as he plaintively sings about betrayal and deceit: “Don’t leave me to the four winds. I only got myself to blame. Things like these don’t seem to change.…..”

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Hot Press

“…Acclaimed rock band Unquiet Nights unveil their first new material of 2019 today via all digital platforms. A seductive, stadium-ready number that stakes a claim as the soundtrack to the summer, ‘Four Winds’ sees the band’s mainman Luke Mathers’ tell a deliciously dark tale of intense attraction and wrap it around a surging chorus to die for.

“The two characters are realising that they are the absolute centre of each other’s lives,” explains the singer/guitarist of the Northern Ireland and Italy-based band. “Although their attraction is intense, there is a form of desperation that comes with two people needing each other so badly to survive. Maybe it’s my version of John Lennon’s ‘Don’t Let Me Down.’”

Conjuring up the spirits of Dave Gilmour, late 80s Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks while also offering a fistful of fresh ideas and sounds from Mathers’ voluminous bag of tricks, in addition to being released on all streaming platforms, Unquiet Nights are also making ‘Four Winds’ plus their whole discography to date (which includes the single ‘George Best City’ which has notched up a quarter of a million streams on Spotify) available via a flash drive which can be purchased through their website unquietnights.com…”

Read More: HotPress.com



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Credential Sound: Part 29

We’re preparing to get the Drum Room floor tiled in black porcelain at the minute, which should make a big difference to the sound and the look of the place. We’ll have a photo of the completed job in the next update.

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Postcards in Real Time...

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