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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Mar 2015 - BBC NI Local Voices, Belfast Empire, Lisa Fischer, Amazing Radio & more...

Hey, apologies for the March round-up being a bit late.  The last week in particular got really, really busy.  I'm back in Italy after being in Northern Ireland since late December.  It was a good month though, with plenty of progress happening in the way of Radio & TV.  Let's recap....



During February, we had to make a rushed release of the "Constellations of She" // "George Best City" single, because of some attention "George Best City" got from the BBC, Sky, etc..

25.02.2015 - Ralph McLean's "Local Voices" show on BBC Northern Ireland play "George Best City", which we didn't know at the time of Feb's blog, but it was a welcome find.  Hear it here.

02.03.2015 - Episode 154 of the "Best of British" show includes GBC, which is syndicated on 80 FM radio stations in 16 countries.  That was useful, further adding to the Unquiet Nights radio network.

06.03.2015 - "George Best City" is @Songmongers "Song of the Day". ("Not bad for a b-side!")

06.03.2015 - SKY Italia add another 6 broadcast dates for "Buffa Racconta: George Best" documentary, taking the total to more than 100 broadcasts, with more continually being added.

18.03.2015 - Episode 278 of The Justin Wayne Show includes "George Best City".  Thanks as always Justin.  Hopefully we'll do another extended interview on release of the 2nd album, like the first.



The purpose of the trip back to Northern Ireland in late December was mainly to make use of Manor Park Studio for some recording towards the next album, which involved sessions on Jan 13th and April 3rd.  In between times there was a lot of work done to try and get some "real life" obstacles out of the way and allow me to get into a scenario where I can concentrate on music more fully.  The result there is still indeterminate, but you can't win 'em all.  More detail coming in future blogs.

I did a solo set at The Society Sessions in The Empire, Belfast.  Played "George Best City" and another new song "More Than These Eyes" for the first time, the latter of which has been finished at Manor Park as well now, for possible inclusion on the next album.

Here's a bunch of photos of The Empire set, including some of a guy I met (John Rubery) who was sketching me.  Also playing was a talented Polish guy I had a chat with, and made some tentative future plans to play some gigs with.  He's called Dominic John Sebastian.


»  AMAZING RADIO 13.03.2015

Greg Porter's Amazing Afternoons show on Amazing Radio played "Someone's Love on Drugs" on Friday 13th March.  First time for that on the station.  Thanks Greg.



We had some pleasing write-ups on Cronache24.it (Italian) & Snoozecontrol.be (English, Belgium).  Also we were added to the playlist of EDA Music Radio.  It was interesting to see that a guy called Val from Venezuela wrote some kind of story on FanFiction.net taking the title "Constellations of She" apparently from our song, and mentioning the band.  Stuff like that seems to be happening more now, which is all good.  People still discovering the band through Sky Buffa Racconta too.



Lisa Fischer from The Rolling Stones is cool.  I knew that already obviously, but we had a bunch of conversations on Twitter.  Started with my reply to the Rolling Stones that "Gimme Shelter" with Lisa's vocal is my favourite of their live songs (have seen them in 2003 & 2014).  Unexpectedly to me, she replied herself and ended up giving me a link to some screaming goat in a credit card commercial that she finds funny.  The Rolling Stones ended up tweeting a new video of Gimme Shelter (Live) the next day, which I have to think was related to the conversation.  It continued for 3 or 4 days.  Lisa's voice is incredible, check out "Gimme Shelter" on the No Security live album, or the Bridges to Babylon tour DVD from St. Louis, MI.


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