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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Mar 2016 - Treviso, Torino & a bunch of tour photos...

During March we got the chance to travel the top half of Italy pretty much, and got to see a lot of new places.  The gigs in the provinces of Torino & Treviso involved a lot of driving, but did provide plenty of photos for this blog.  So, without further ado...


»   MATTOROSSO - Montebelluna, Italy.

Turnout was great at Mattorosso.  I think we heard it was sold out, which seemed about right from my point of view.  It was especially great to meet some people in real life that we've known through Last.fm and Instagram.  Hopefully see you all the next time we'll be back.  It's a great venue.

We did 18 songs including loads from the new album.  Setlist is here.


»   IL MAGLIO - Torino, Italy.

On St. Patrick's day we were in Il Maglio in Torino.  Some of the extended Italian family turned up that I'd never met, or hadn't seen for a couple of years, which was great.  Good ratio of albums sold.  Always a pleasure to see strangers getting both the albums at once.  See yer next time, Turin.


»   Some Tour Photos.

Apart from the gigs, here's a bunch of photos from the getting to and from them.  We probably did about 3,000km one way or another.  There are definitely some interesting things to see on the coasts of Italy, if you don't get blown off the road in your high top vehicle.

The Alps.  Heading out of Torino.

Smartly dressed guy in Genoa, or Genova.

La Spezia.  Some colourful crates.

Unpacking the van in Montebelluna, the province of Treviso.

Soundcheck over.

Gig over!  Time to sell USB Discographies & stuff.

The music store at Mattorosso is absolutely huge.  Someone buy me this Gretsch.


»   Mountains of Blackstar.

So like I was saying, the music store in Montebelluna attached to the Mattorosso venue is incredibly big.  I took a particular liking to a few guitars.  I was thinking for solo gigs it might be ideal to have some kind of semi-hollow like a Gretsch one day.  Wasn't looking at amps though, as I'm very happy with the HT Stage 60 that Blackstar sorted me out with a while back!  UN Love Blackstar.


»   & The Last Thing...

You can get the new album "Postcards in Real Time" on USB Flashdrive, the old school CD Digipak version, and as Digital download.  Thanks to everyone who keeps doing that.

You're really helping keep things movin' forward.
All the best until next time.


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