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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Mar 2017 - Pro Tools 12, Studio Building Pt: 10 & more...

Still haven't named the studio yet, but there's been loads of progress in the control room to show y'all. On top of the building work in the studio, we've decided to upgrade the recording side of things ahead of the third album. So, to elabourate further...


Studio Building: Pt 10

The English Oak flooring is mostly down, which changes the look of the place hugely for the better. Apart from that, about 23m3 of a trench foundation has been dug out for the Live Room on the other side of the window. Now we're waiting for the concrete truck to come and fill it with 30N concrete.

Who wants to make jokes about "a tweeter" on my speaker.

Who wants to make jokes about "a tweeter" on my speaker.


RIP Chuck Berry

A pioneer, a godfather, and a building block in the foundation of what would become the wide spectrum of Rock & Roll. One of my longest held heroes.



One of my favourite things to do in life is to look through record collections with artwork and liner notes. That's something which has been lost in the iTunes generation of pixelated thumbnail artwork. So it's great when someone is clearing out their vinyl collection and you get the chance to pick up a few new ones and look over the artwork.


Pro Tools 12.7

Decided while upgrading to a new studio computer with Windows 10 that it's better to take the jump now and switch from Cubase 5 which I used to record the first two albums, to Pro Tools 12.7. The new computer doesn't want to run Cubase 5 on either the Win7 or Win10 partition, and the new Cubase 9 demo seems to be moving closer to what Pro Tools is anyway........

So if I have to go to the expense and time of learning a new DAW, it might as well be the No.1.
On top of that my M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface sputters and chokes on this computer so I'm waiting on the delivery of a new interface from Focusrite at the minute.

By the time of the next blog I'll hopefully have it up and running and can start tracking material for a new single, and then the third album.

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