Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2011 - Silent Picture Show & new songs.

We finished a couple more songs for the first album this month, which will be called "21st Century Redemption Songs".  We were playing them live last month, for anyone who saw us.  Also the recently finished "Silent Picture Show" has been appearing in the regular places as well as new shows like Indie Music Sampler.  Get a listen to the new ones here....

»   N O B O D Y   W A N T S   T O   K N O W

A Blues/Soul vibe with a topical lyric.  We've been doing longer versions live sometimes.  It's the first UN song with everyone's backing vocals.


»   T R I G G E R F I N G E R

"A modern day cowboy song", as it's sometimes introduced live.  We kept the production clean and modern, take a listen to the story though.


»   " P O L I T E   S O C I E T Y "

Our friend and regular supporter on his Cosmic Grab Bag show, Michael Angel, can be heard here introducing new song "Triggerfinger", and giving his thoughts on how polite society.  Thought we'd share it.


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Talk to ya in next month's update.


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