Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2013 - UK Rock Radio Sampler & Summer Festivals.

During May we've been rehearsing hard for the live appearances that'll come this summer, of which there's another couple added in time for this blog (details below), continuing recording work on the next release, and picking up new radio play.  Here's all that plus a few other things from this month...


»   UK Rock Radio - British Music Sampler 

UK Rock Radio (Argentina) have got a free music sampler for download at the minute of new UK bands including ourselves.  You can download it by clicking the cover on the left, and going to the dropbox link on there.

Love to be included in these type of things.


»   WRIR 97.3 Virginia

We had a good month on WRIR 97.3 Virginia.  Their Various and Sunday programme played "Silent Picture Show" (05-05-2013) and "We Were The Ones" (26-05-2013), as well as the New Breakfast Snob playing "We Were The Ones" (11-05-2013).  Much appreciation to WRIR for their continued support of the UN cause...



»   Radio Wave 98.5 Arezzo - Eclettica

It wasn't this month but I didn't know about it until shortly before writing the blog that we were on another Italian station which had never played us before, Radio Wave International 98.5 FM in Arezzo, which is closely linked to the Arezzo Wave Love Festival.  It was an episode of Eclettica, so thanks to Giulio.  We want to be heard all over Italy, and that would be about the 15h or 16th largish regional station to play us.  They all count, especially when your releases have no PR behind them, or...in front of them is a more accurate description of how it really works.  But despite that, we're adding new distinctions to the UN résumé all the time.


»   Internazionali Tennis d'Italia - Rome Masters

As usual we went to the Rome Masters @ Foro Italico.  Got to see more of it this year, 'cause I was doing some work and went Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  Saw three of Jelena Jankovic's matches, including her win over Na Li on Court Pietrangeli as well as Nadal, Berdych, Federer, Paire, Errani, Azarenka in the semis.  I took a lot of photos and got some of players arriving behind me from the top of Centrale, including Serena Williams. Anyway, I haven't been to all the tournaments in the world obviously, but I've heard from a lot of people who have that Rome is amongst the 2 or 3 best to visit, considering the location, food & quality of the draw.


»   F E N D E R   J A Z Z   B A S S

For the whole "recording of 2nd album" and "touring in Europe" thing, we decided to pick up a new bass to keep here in Italy.  Got a Fender Jazz in the end, always loved Fender stuff and suits the Black & Gun Metal Silver colours of the band.  Plays great & you should hear it on songs on the 2nd album.


»   T O U R   D A T E S   -   S U M M E R   2 0 1 3

We've added a couple of extra tour dates for the summer, and are expecting more to come, so keep checking our tour dates page.  For now we've got a music conference in Dublin endorsed by Bob Geldof, and a Rock festival at Europe's largest waterfall in Italy.  Here are the full details:

29/06/2013 - Youbloom, Dublin (Rep. Ireland)
08/08/2013 - Marmore Rock Festival (Umbria, Italy)

There's a lot of free music at unquietnights.com/music, but if you download there as opposed to buying the album, atleast join the mailing list, our facebook page, or follow on twitter so we can stay in touch.

Until the next one...


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