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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2014 - The Maverick (Belfast), MW Milano & more.....

Time to wrap up some of what happened in May.  For the first week we were still in N. Ireland doing the stuff I mentioned in the last blog, and managed to squeeze in another solo gig before the tedious Belfast - London - Rome all night trip.  The rest of May has been largely about recording and mixing new material for a couple of deadlines we have coming up.  So I'll try and explain some of that.....


»  The Maverick, Belfast - 6th May 2014.

The set for Amplified at The Maverick, Belfast is uploaded in full on our channel.  They're great people who run it and I hope it's able to continue.  A few songs that will be on the next album including one that's never been online before, called "Constellations of She".


»  Airport Hell.

I used to love airports.  In a couple of ways I still do but it's getting harder to do.  Aer Lingus haven't been running the Belfast - Rome route that used to suit me so well.  So the last couple of years I've had to involve Dublin or London and a night sitting awake one way or another.  This time in London Gatwick I spent the night pretending to pay for the internet station.  There were two highlights, one was certainly the 3 for 2 offers in Marks & Spencer (open all night) on fruit salads.  The second was noticing how many people were walking past me with a bad limp.  Almost like being near a bookmaker in Belfast such was the display of absurd limps.

Anyway I wrote some song lyrics on my laptop while I was waiting.  Aer Lingus, please open the Belfast flight again, sure the wine bill for one Jesuit priest would cover it all.

 M&S: Open all night.

M&S: Open all night.


»  MW Radio Milan:  The Happy Hour.

MW Radio in Milan have a show called The Happy Hour who chose us for their “Il nuovo che avanza” feature, where they played "Shoulda Said Something".  Thanks to Veronica & Marco there.  We've made plans to do a live session with them later in the year when we should be up there.


»  The Rolling Stones, Roma - 22nd June 2014.

The last time I saw The Rolling Stones was Dublin in 2003, but looking forward to seeing them again in Rome later this month.  For me they're still the greatest, most important band in history.  I know John Mayer's music too, but not sure he can hold my attention for a whole set and can't say I'm looking forward to it a lot but I'd love to be surprised.  The Stones will deliver though, like always.  Then a few days later I'll fly back to Belfast, but by a different route this time.


»  The CYA Report Podcast.

A business podcast called The CYA Report used "If I Could & You Ever Would" in Episode 60 of their show, which you can hear here.


»  Recording Update - May 2014.

The priority at the minute is to finish the song for which we're gonna do a music video this summer.  As I wrote before, we were able to get some funding from Help Musicians UK and I think that has to be done by early August.  A couple of songs are in contention and as well as the impending deadline for that there are time constraints of sorts on another pretty cool thing that I think I'll have to keep for a future blog.  A bit early for details but it'll be worth it, something that will push us forward another step.  It involves getting skeleton tracks together of songs from the next album to send to LA, and also involves someone who is in the Rock & Roll hall of fame.  Maybe I can mention something else in the next blog, not sure.

I'll have the vocals for "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" back soon from Manor Park and it shouldn't be long before that song is finished, it will definitely be on the next album and thematically it has been the most important song in terms of defining the tone of the album.  After that I wrote a bunch of songs which I couldn't have got to without it.

The June blog will have lots of concrete news in it about recording, more than this one, and about the video I'll be in a position to tell you something definite.


All the best until then.....

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