Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2015 - Roxy Bar TV, Radio 2XS, Instagram, ASIWYFA & more...

May seemed like one of the longest months of my life.  It wasn't all related to UN directly, but nonetheless a lot of progress was made that will help kick us into a higher gear.  There's plenty to talk about from the band perspective though, so let's start off with...


»  ROXY BAR w/ Red Ronnie @ Center Gross, Bologna.  03.04.2015

Unusual scenarios are always interesting and desirable.  Got an invite to do Red Ronnie's Roxy Bar show at the Center Gross in Bologna.  I was aware of the show already, and who Red Ronnie was, but it was cool to see his interviews with Jagger, McCartney, Bowie & Fidel Castro when I researched it.  In the lobby of the Roxy Bar studio there's a huge blown up graphic of the Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster that Ronnie once owned, along with signed pictures of acts as diverse as Pavarotti, the Spice Girls, Sheryl Crow & Tom Jones from when they did the show.  I noticed Ash as well.

Photo by Andrea Bernardi.


I got to do a couple of songs, which were "George Best City" & the forthcoming "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion".  There was a soundcheck on Periscope too with "Constellations of She".  It was great to hear from some of our new friends who got to know us through the SKY Buffa Racconta documentary who watched the show.  The whole thing was a great, as well as the Roxy team who looked after us, I should thank Monica & Martin for everything they did to help on the day.

Below are some of the other guests:  Antonio Pascuzzo, Giovanni Baglioni, Volium, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Red Ronnie (host), Enrico Ruggeri, Spam, and my self.  Also later was the rapper Piotta who impressed me as a person & a lyricist too.  Enrico Ruggeri helped me out in the interview before "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" too, naming the Manchester United team including Best, and telling Red that Best played in fact for Northern Ireland, not England.  In fact if you see Ruggeri's music video for "Il Capitano", he's wearing Georgie's face on his chest and an allusion to his Irish-ness.

Photo by Andrea Bernardi.


I'm forbidden very strongly from uploading any of the Roxy Bar episode, but I can link to the "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" portion which is described above here.  Met some great people after the show who were very flattering, which is the only thing that matters ultimately.

So yeah, another great, weird, unexpected experience on the 5 year roller coaster of Unquiet Nights.  Hope to see a bunch of the people we met when we get the chance to play in their home cities, and hopefully the other acts who were on the show too.  Thanks Monica, Red, Martin, Red's family, etc.



I mentioned last month that Blackstar Amps had started endorsing UN.  You can read what I think of the HT Stage 60 over at the BlackstarAmps.com website now.  Beautiful item, can't wait to tour it.


»  RADIO 2XS:  New Music Playlist. 03.04.2015

"George Best City" has been added to Radio 2XS's New Music Playlist along with new stuff from Belle and Sebastian, Jesse Malin & The Darkness.  They tweet pretty regularly when they play it, as they did when they had Burning The Tracks play-listed from the last album.  Thanks to 2XS.


»  INSTAGRAM:  instagram.com/unquietnights

We're finally on Instagram, so if you wanna follow us there we'll try and keep it interesting...


»  ROME MASTERS:  9th - 17th May


Like most years, I was working at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia Tennis, which is a posh way of saying the Rome Masters.

I was in Roma @ the Foro Italico from May 9th - 17th, which kind of got in the way of recording a little bit, but in the last couple of weeks things have really picked up.

One of the ushers wanted to take a photo of my George Best shirt.  I'm wondering if it's going to show up on an image search in the future...


»  ASIWYFA @ Traffic, Roma. 16.05.2015

While in Roma though, I did get the chance to see some gigs at nights.  Bud Spencer Blues Explosion were playing in the Foro itself, so I caught that.  Then on Sat 16th I was @ Traffic Club for AndSoIWatchYouFromAfar.  I do go to loads of gigs, but I always love seeing other Northern Irish bands touring abroad, seeing them from the local point of view, after having played with them years before in places like Draperstown.  Their manager Graham took the album cover shot for 21st Century Redemption Songs, and a few different shoots for my first band since 2003/4.  Anyway, for me they're the best in their genre, and that's always great to see.  #ForzaNorthernIreland

Photo by Mikapix.  Full album  here .

Photo by Mikapix.  Full album here.



It's great to see "George Best City" continue to circulate and see people seeming to appreciate it.  We're seeing a lot of tribute stuff like this.  Just don't sign into that site using Twitter.  I accidentally did it and got my account suspended when "Enjoygram" started tweeting using my account.

Websites like Amalgame Musical have been great for re-posting the video too.  I love seeing the song getting about when doing a web search to see what's been going on.

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