Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2017 - England Dates, Studio Building: Pt 12 & more...

We'll be in England in the middle of June for two dates on the 16th and 17th. Other plans are still shaping up for that at the minute for more gigs. Meanwhile, the building work keeps progressing on our new studio for recording & rehearsal. But first, the details...


The Acoustic Couch, Bracknell.

The first gig is down south in Bracknell at The Acoustic Couch on Friday 16th June. It seems a great looking venue, so I'm looking forward to getting down there. Set length is about 45 minutes.


Daventry Weekender, Daventry.

Then it's up to the east midlands on Saturday 17th for the Daventry Weekender. I'm doing three sets starting with The Sheaf Street Health Store (2.40pm), then Early Doors (4.10pm) and finally The Saracens Head (6.30pm). It's all free and new, so if you can travel on the 17th, consider it....


Building Update: Pt 12

The studio has been coming along quite a bit since the last update. Below you can see the outside perimeter wall of the "Live" Room. It's going to be a 21'' thick cavity wall with 6'' blocks on their side. The cavity is being filled with insulating foam. About 600 blocks laid now so it's nearly time for another load to be ordered. After that it'll be time to think about concrete slabs for the roof.


T-Shirt offer extended to June.

Thanks to everyone who bought a T-Shirt last month, and got their copy of Postcards in Real Time included as part of the deal. We're going to keep the same arrangement running through June. So you just go to unquietnights.com/store and order a T-Shirt, we'll throw in an album CD copy.

Postcards in Real Time (CD Album)
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Postcards in Real Time...

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