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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2018 - Italy, Credential Sound: Part 21 & more...


Just a short update this time to let you know what's been progressing with the building of Credential Sound during May, and about my return to Italy for the first time in exactly two years since moving back to Northern Ireland. A bit about the current single Young Believers too, but first....


Credential Sound: Part 21

If you've been following this blog until now, you'll have seen that we've been building a permanent Recording & Rehearsal studio for the band. It's called Credential Sound. In what has been a long, wallet breaking and back breaking process, Part 21 is when the Drum Room got an insulated concrete floor. Here's the before and after.

012. Wet Concrete.JPG


The Drum Room floor had is 21ft x 15ft. The internal ceiling is about 11.5ft high. Most of May was spent breaking up concrete and digging out the floor in order to wheel in quarry dust and pack it down tight ready for the PIR insulation boards to be laid down before the new concrete floor was poured (left).

14. Concrete Floor.JPG


You can see in the first photo that the concrete was wet and had just been poured. In this second photo which was maybe 8 hours after being poured it has been power floated nice and smooth and has dried out a lot. The plan for June is to install the interior door to add soundproofing and hopefully be able to figure what additional soundproofing needs to be done to the ceiling, walls etc before being able to proceed to making to place look better.



As I said it had been two years since I returned to Italy. I lived there for about 6 years until May 2016, and I didn't have much time to visit most of my favorite people & places this time but below are some photos I took for Instagram @unquietnights. Can't wait to get back there to tour with the band again, whenever that can be.


Young Believers

Young Believers
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A bit of a thanks for the continued support of the last single Young Believers. It looks to be streaming and selling pretty well.

Along with Promise of You, the stuff we recorded with Neal Calderwood @ Manor Park this spring was fun to do and it's been great to get something new out to bridge the gap between Postcards in Real Time (second album) and what will be the third.

We've got another track from those sessions that we're sitting on, so to speak, until there's some more news about third album to release.

Postcards in Real Time (CD Album)
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Postcards in Real Time...

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