Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

May 2019 - GBC hits 250k, “Four Winds” details, Credential Sound: Pt 28...

During May we hit a milestone on Spotify, or rather “George Best City” did. ALSO!! We’ve got details of the first new single since “Young Believers”, and an update on the continued building of our studio Credential Sound.


Four Winds

The new single is called “Four Winds” and will on on iTunes, Spotify and so on from Friday 14th June. If you’re wondering if you can hear it or better yet buy it immediately, I have an answer for you…


First of all, anyone who buys the USB Flashdrive will be sent the MP3 along with your e-mail receipt, and obviously the track along with everything else we’ve released is on the Flashdrive itself.

If you only want the digital single immediately, you can get it HERE.


Credential Sound: Part 28

At the minute we’re painting the Live Room in Credential Sound. Hopefully it won’t be long now before it can be finished and ready to leave set up permanently for recording & rehearsing. It has taken a lot of time, money and effort to get it this far but finally on the home stretch now….

Painting Cred Sound 16x9.jpg


Make sure if you use Instagram to follow us @unquietnights. For anyone who likes our stuff, we try and keep it interesting for you. Also if you wanna ask a question, it’s a good place to do that….


Quarter Million

Sometime during this month “GEORGE BEST CITY” passed a quarter million streams on Spotify. That’s really satisfying for us considering we’ve never worked with a PR company during the history of the band or had any budget to help promote our stuff. The number of discoveries on Shazam for the song is sitting at 2,731 too, which I guess means that people use the app to recognise the song on radio & TV to find out what it is?….
Anyway, that all feels like progress. Keep sharing the
URL, and the word of mouth. It really helps us.

250k GeorgeBestCity.jpg

Postcards in Real Time...

The current album Postcards in Real Time is available in the following formats:
CD Digipak
2)  USB Flashdrive
3)  Digital

You can also get yourself a T-Shirt...
Or the "Established" backpack...

Until the next one!....


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