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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Oct 2017 - Credential Sound Pt: 17, Tom Petty RIP & more...

Credential Sound now has it's concrete roof. BUT, none of us will get the chance to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers again. A bittersweet symphony that is life, and is this month's blog unfortunately. A few thoughts and photos on the above two subjects.


Tom Petty RIP

I posted about it when it happened, but after about a month to reflect, I've been listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers on repeat more than ever. As I said in that post they were the greatest band I've ever seen, especially considering their non-use of video, lighting, extra musician gimmickry on stage. They boiled it down to their songs and connection with the audience.

Lucca Summer Festival, Italy 2012.

Lucca Summer Festival, Italy 2012.


Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (Playlist)

The best thing to do I decided was to deliberate on a top 10 list of Tom Petty songs, which I'm pretty happy with, but already aware I should've found space for "Insider". ANYWAY...

10) Rhino Skin (Echo, 1999)
09) You Got Lucky (Long After Dark, 1982)

08) Learning To Fly (Into The Great Wide Open 1991)
07) A Woman in Love (Hard Promises, 1981)
06) I Need To Know (You're Gonna Get It, 1978)
05) Crawling Back To You (Live Anthology, 2009)
04) Mary Jane's Last Dance (Single, 1993)
03) Stop Dragging My Heart Around (Single, 1981) ....Best duet ever written/recorded.
02) I Won't Back Down (Full Moon Fever, 1989)
01) Refugee (Damn The Torpedoes, 1979)


Credential Sound: Pt 17

On a more positive note, and in the seventeenth month of consecutive building work, the studio's Live Room has had it's concrete roof fitted. As you see here are the slabs arriving...

22. Slabs.jpg

And a view from inside after the roof has been sealed together. In this photo the stud-work is being completed which the soundproofing & insulation will be mounted to. Putting in some corner angles like a barn shape to improve the acoustic reflections and make the structure more secure.

99. Studwork.JPG

The control room now has a corner sofa which we picked up at a very reasonable price. There's somewhere for other people to sit now, maybe when we're rehearsing the band for future tours instead of wasting time/money trying to coordinate rehearsal spaces to suit everyone involved.

77. Corner Sofa.jpg

The isolation booth in the control room is now operational and ready for recording some guitar parts until the Live Room next door is finished. Feels pretty good to have somewhere to record 24/7 finally, and leave things like amps set up exactly the way they were last recorded with.

78. Booth.JPG

Still tackling some heavy condensation underneath the concrete roof, which is pretty normal for the time of year and this type of roof, but we'll get it totally sealed off and insulated so it's not a problem in the future. Putting a sloped roof on top of the concrete with more insulation.

81. Studwork.jpg
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