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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sep 2014 - Back to Italy. Wisdom tooth gone. Canadian dates.

The first week of September we were still in Northern Ireland.  I mentioned in the last blog that we were shooting the video for a song that'll be on the next album while there, and I got to do a solo gig with VerseChorusVerse.  Before returning to Italy there was one last thing to do...


»   Surgical removal of wisdom tooth...

For years I had a wisdom tooth spearing upwards into the side of my mouth, drawing blood when I ate or for that matter sang.  So if you saw me grimacing in pain while at the microphone, if it wasn't for bad monitor mixes resulting in me tearing my vocal chords trying to hear myself, it was probably the wisdom tooth.  I first went in February 2012 to try and get it out before the Belfast Nashville Festival gig we did, but it was a useless dentist who wouldn't take it out.  By this year though the pain was getting ridiculous and causing infection, so I got referred to an extraction clinic in Belfast and, to the soundtrack of Classic FM playing "Mars: the Bringer of War" by Holst, I had it removed expertly.  The stitches are out now, and I can close my mouth unimpeded!


»   Returning to Italy.

It's a longer commute than you'd guess.  Normally involves leaving the house in Northern Ireland first thing in the morning, getting the bus in Belfast (capital city 1) to the airport in Dublin (capital city 2), flying to Roma (capital city 3), collecting over sized baggage, another train to Roma Tiburtina, wait an hour in Tiburtina at about 10pm (see picture below), get another train north to where we live.  It's a waste of a day really, the sooner that direct flights are opened again between Belfast - Rome the better.  I heard that Jet2 are starting that route in 2015.  The other alternative we used to do was transferring in London.  Still, whenever you have a guitar case there's always something to sit on if there are no seats available.  Thankful for small mercies.


»   Indie Week Toronto.  Latest news.

Indie Week Toronto invited us to be part of their festival this year, so I'm doing a few gigs during the middle of October.  They'll be my first in Canada, although a big part of my family are from there, my grandad was born and lived there before moving to Belfast.

From what I know right now as of this moment, the first one is the Irish showcase on Friday 17th at The Hideout, followed by Saturday at an American diner called Lou Dawgs, then the UK showcase at The Rivoli.  I'm impressed the festival have noticed my book-ability for both the Irish and UK showcase.  Keen geographers will know that Northern Irish people are fundamentally of both nationalities, holding either passport they choose.  Speaking of passports, for the last 10 years I had a valid Canadian passport which they lost between their internal offices in Vancouver and somewhere else and never found.  Isn't this a weird story.

Full details of the gigs are at the bottom of this blog. 


»   Dirt Biking in Columbia.

Here's what Columbian off road biking would be like with a UN sound track.  Someone pointed this video out to me yesterday.  We love it when the music spreads about a bit, and not having any outside PR team, that's kind of essential too.  Muchas gracias.


»   Latvian Lyrics.

Ever wondered what the lyrics to "Shoulda Said Something" look like in Latvian?

Apparantly the website dziesmu-tulkojumi.com has uploaded them (see right).

I now have this fantasy that karaoke bars all over Latvia are full of people belting this out, including ex-footballer Marian Pahars, who is the only Latvian I know.


Joprojām atceros nakti, kad tu teici
Jūs esat atraduši kādu, kas ir patiess
Jūs veltīts tik daudz dziesmas viņam
Viņš nevar veltīt jums

Jūs varat darīt, kaut ko, ka jūs vēlaties
Bet, lūdzu, nestāstiet man, ka tas ir naudas sods
Jūs gotta atvašu pirmo vai nav atvašu vispār Iemesls tagad nav laika ...


»   Titanic Belfast.

I want to have a house covered in this stuff, or a tour bus at least.  This is also the place where Carl Frampton became Champion of the Worlddddddd a few weeks ago against Kiko Martinez in front of 16,000 people.  He will unify all portions of the world title in Belfast, I'm calling it.


»   Reminder to Canadians.

These dates are coming up during October.  Looking forward to see some of you there!....

18.10.2014     Canada     Toronto     The Rivoli (UK Showcase)
18.10.2014     Canada     Toronto     Lou Dawgs
17.10.2014     Canada     Toronto     The Hideout (Irish Showcase)


Until the next blog then....


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