Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sep 2017 - Studio Building: Pt 16 - Walls complete.

Both rooms in the studio are finished now in terms of the walls, so we're just waiting for the concrete roof to be delivered and fitted a few days from now. The job of making it look more like a studio will then begin. Got some photos of what I mean in this update... 


Aerial View (1)

This is the "Live Room" where drum tracks will be recorded and hopefully it'll double up as a place to rehearse for touring with the equipment set up 24/7 and ready for use. As you can see the roof will be set onto the cavity walls by Hi-Ab lorry in about 7 concrete slabs of 200mm depth.

05. LIVE ROOM 16x9.jpg

Aerial View (2)

From on top of the opposite wall you can see where the Control Room window will be looking through to the Live Room. The cavity between each wall is filled with Polyurethane foam to insulate for heat purposes and further deaden sound transmission to outside. In the last week or so about 6 tonnes of quarry dust has been shovelled in below floor level to get it ready for screeding.

07. View From Roof 16x9.jpg

Fender x2

No reason for this photo, just to make it more music orientated and less about building work, here's my Telecaster and Strat at home in the control room. Been using the Strat a bunch lately on new material. The grey sound diffusers will probably feature again in the Live Room next door.


Another View (3)

The place will start to look a lot more like a studio from this point on. It'll be time to make a few more creative decisions rather than just structural decisions, and begin treating the acoustics in the Live Room to get a drum sound. But first the concrete roof, that'll be on within a few days. 


NCB Radio: Blues Brunch

Must say thanks to host Nigel Day for having "Don't Wanna Kill For Religion" on his Blues Brunch show the 24th September. It's always GREAT when the music is getting played after the period of promotion is long over. Nigel wondered if we're going to be coming out with new music and we assure him absolutely that we will be, and are working on it. Thanks again to Blues Brunch. 

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