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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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May 2016 - The Next Thing, UN Studio, Ivo Karlovic & more...

May is over and summer is undeniably underway in Northern Ireland, which is where I'm writing from at the minute.  Most of the month was spent back in Italy, trying to sort out some things that should allow the next part of the Unquiet Nights story to happen.  To explain further...


»  The Next Thing.

The last 6 years were spent in Italy in a tiny, tiny space without anywhere to set up or store music equipment.  Nearly all the work on the 21st Century Redemption Songs, and Postcards in Real Time albums was done there.  The editing sessions were mostly through the night when there was nothing happening on the kitchen table.  Some extra recording & mixing was done at Manor Park Studios during brief trips back to Northern Ireland.  Anyway, here's the view from the plane window at Roma Fiumicino when leaving about a week ago, a view I've seen dozens of times since 2009.


»  Northern Ireland.

Awaiting was 1 degree celsius higher than it had been in Rome, and the freshest air I've breathed in a long time, provided by the prevailing winds blowing over one of the biggest lakes in Europe.  It may seem that I'm over romanticizing the clean air right now, but that doesn't seem possible.


»  Building a Studio.

We really need more space in order to set up a studio again and put the creation of music itself more to the forefront of everything.  Also we need more space to keep and maintain a touring vehicle so we can kick things into a higher gear when the time comes.  There is still a lot of paperwork to get through during the next year or so to make that fully happen, but the process has been started.

Unpacking the DHL boxes is the next job, after the pain of paying over €1100 to ship them.

Unpacking the DHL boxes is the next job, after the pain of paying over €1100 to ship them.

If you follow us on Instagram you'll see daily updates on how all this is going, as we get the studio starting to look like one, and then get to work on the 3rd album.  My Strat (right) made the trip in two pieces in my suitcase, and has now been reassembled and is ready for action again.  I haven't been able to keep most of the furniture from my old studio in NI, so at the minute I'm trying to replace a lot of stuff.  In the end I want to mount all the guitars around on the walls, opening and closing cases is a pain.

Panoramic view.

Panoramic view.


»  Ivo Karlovic.

This Unquiet Nights USB Flash Drive Discography containing the first two albums in both FLAC & MP3 is very close, whereas tennis player Ivo Karlovic is far away.  #PerspectiveDrawing #FatherTed



Thanks to Moonacrobat Playlist 350 for including some UN, also Issue 16 of the IMC Magazine for the full page advert on "Postcards in Real Time", with the songs "Greatest Revival", "Something to Begin" and "Someone Gotta Hold" featured.



Thanks for the continued support for "Postcards in Real Time" in each format:
CD Digipak
2)  USB Flashdrive
3)  Digital

AND, to those who have picked up a T-Shirt...

ALSO those who have picked up an "Established" backpack...

Promising you more updates than recently.
Until the next one!....


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