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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Jul 2018 - Credential Sound Pt. 22, George Best City's royalty stream...

Things are happening at Castle Unquiet. One good thing is that we've done a lot of work in the live room of Credential Sound and finally it's starting to look like a studio. Another good thing is that we got the PRS royalty cheque covering early 2015, that was a good time for us.

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Oct 2017 - Credential Sound Pt: 17, Tom Petty RIP & more...

Credential Sound now has it's concrete roof. BUT, none of us will get the chance to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers again. A bittersweet symphony that is life, and is this month's blog unfortunately. A few thoughts and photos on the above two subjects.

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Aug 2015 - BBC 6 Music, The Big List, CISM 89.3 & more...

Hello all.  I want to let you know what's been happening during August for us.  Things are moving towards the completion of the second album, so a bit more about what's happening there, and what's been happening with the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single.


»  New Single:  "Love Leave Your Mark on Me".

We released the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single last month, and were lucky enough to be able to debut the video during the appearance on Sky Sport 1.  Since then, it's been picking up radio play decently.  Some new shows supporting us in North America have been The British Are Coming w/ Matt Dalzell on CFBU Brock Radio 103.7 FM (Ontario), London Cafe on CISM 89.3 FM (Montréal), Mind The Gap on WMSC 90.3 FM (New Jersey), Y-Not Radio on iRadioPhilly (Philidelphia).

Also thanks to Radio Tweet Italia, and Moonacrobat Playlist 309 for picking it up, and a bunch of Italian stations we should be able to mention in the next blog.  Obviously huge, huge thanks to everyone buying it here on unquietnights.com, that's the place we get to keep the money...


»  The Big List NI (04.08.2015)

Here's a good long interview The Big List carried about "Love Leave Your Mark on Me".
Should be in high enough definition that if you click it, you can read.

BIG LIST (Cover)

BIG LIST (Cover)

BIG LIST - Interview Page 1

BIG LIST - Interview Page 1

BIG LIST - Interview Page 2

BIG LIST - Interview Page 2


»  BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson Introducing - "George Best City" (24.08.2015).

Something else fantastic happened this month that made us real happy.
"GEORGE BEST CITY" was on Tom Robinson's 24th August 2015 BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape.  Tom has supported us before, having "Someone's Love on Drugs" on his show in Oct 2012, so thanks very kindly to him, the true supporter of new music that he is.
Another triumph for #TeamEssentialCredential.


»  Second Album: More recording dates @ Manor Park.

Planning to be in N. Ireland from the end of October for at least a few weeks.  I'm getting together tracks for about 4 songs to finish @ Manor Park Studio that should finish the second album.  There are some out-takes and stuff I'm going to leave behind, or for a later time, but getting the right blend is important, since this album covers some topics I might not touch again for a while.

Anyway, I love Manor Park, and the stuff we've/I've done there has always turned out real well.
Here's a shot through the control room window, during the session for the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single.  Looking forward to linking up with this Telecaster in the picture too.....


»  Blackstar HT Stage 60 - Amp Endorsement

If you've been following these blogs during 2015, you'll remember that Blackstar Amps have been good enough to endorse UN, which we're very appreciative of, and hope we can repay their faith.  It's featuring heavily on the tracks for the second album, which has taken on a much warmer analog sound than the first album, through the HT 60, and also a bunch of boutique pedals I've picked up.

Anyway, during the last two or three months I've been trying to get a flight case that fits the amp perfectly for touring.  Got that sorted nicely in the end, as you can see below....

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