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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Jun 2017 - Daventry Weekender, Bracknell & more...

Just back from England now, where we did some gigs in Bracknell and at the Daventry Weekender. Got some photos from those gigs, and from the travel in general. Back to working on new music as well, and to building the studio. Loads of progress on both of those fronts.


The ferry over.

Took the usual Belfast - Liverpool ferry, and got unusually good weather for it as you can see below. After 6 years of mostly flying for gigs and compromising on which music gear we could take on the plane, it feels good to travel by road again and bring everything we need in the boot.





The first gig was meant to be in Oxford, but that was cancelled at short notice so here's a picture of the Bridge of Sighs. Again the weather was good so had a walk about Oxford. Visited The Turf Tavern where they display a notice alleging that future president Bill Clinton famously "did not inhale" at one of their tables while at university in Oxford in the late 60's.

Bridge of Sighs, Oxford.

Bridge of Sighs, Oxford.


Acoustic Couch, Bracknell.

Photo by Chris Rhys Hunnisett.

Photo by Chris Rhys Hunnisett.

Bracknell was good! The Acoustic Couch is a well equipped venue and Mick plus staff are real nice. Thanks to the artist who sketched me, will get that uploaded when I find the photo. It'll be good to get back there with the full band hopefully.


Daventry Weekender, Daventry.

Early check out from the hotel in Bracknell and an 85 mile drive north to Daventry for the Weekender. First set was at 2.30pm at Sheaf Street Health Store, then later at Early Doors (great micropub, friendly owners) and the Dun Cow. Sheaf Street was the first gig in a health food shop I think I've ever done, as you might've rightly guessed. The smell of the place opens your sinuses up, so it's advantageous for singing.

Had a 150 mile drive after the gig, so didn't get too much time to meet everyone who played but special mentions to Matt Steady, Stylusboy & Jessie Lee Burn who I did get to meet, and are simultaneously nice people and great artists. Cheers to Paul for organising and having us.


Studio Building: Pt 13

Second lorry load of 6'' blocks have been delivered, and I'm working basically all the time to get the Live Room of the studio built up. The idea is to do the roof with 20cm thick concrete slabs, with wooden decking and felt on top of that to make it uniform with the control room. Next blog will have some photos that will show the layout of the room more. About 900 blocks down so far.

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