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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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May 2019 - GBC hits 250k, “Four Winds” details, Credential Sound: Pt 28...

During May we hit a milestone on Spotify, or rather “George Best City” did. ALSO!! We’ve got details of the first new single since “Young Believers”, and an update on the continued building of our studio Credential Sound.

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Nov 2015 - Whelan's, Justin Wayne Show Interview, Roadie TV Session & more...

November was one of those busy months.  The second album is finished now, which is called "Postcards in Real Time", and it'll be on the digital stores on December 11th.  It's available now though in 3 formats directly from us.  Details of those & more happenings, starting with...


►  Second. Album. Is. Done.

A couple of studio days on November 2nd & 3rd, plus another mix day were enough to finish the record, which is now away for duplication.  Eleven songs were mastered, with the hope of getting at least ten I was happy to release, but I ended up liking them all enough to put 'em out.

This Telecaster to the left is a beaut.  It's modified with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail at the bridge, and a Gibson Humbucker at the neck.  It's never been with me to Italy, so I only get to play it when I'm in N. Ireland.

There are loads of guitar parts on songs like "Greatest Revival", "Something To Begin", "Destiny Does The Splitstep" & "Someone Gotta Hold" that were finished off with it.

Anyway "Postcards..." is the result of three years work and hopefully y'all like it.  I'm happy with how it sounds.


►  All The Different Formats.

Flashdrive Discography
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You can buy it in a number of formats:

1)  To the right is our USB FlashDrive Discography, which not only contains this new album, but also our entire release history including singles, and the first album "21st..."
All the releases are included in both MP3 & FLAC.  It's £10.

2)  The CD Digipak version is £10.

3)  The Digital Version (MP3 320k) is £5.

4)  Lossless FLAC & WAV.  If you want physical lossless files, the USB FlashDrive is the best deal.  Also there's the CD Digipak.  If you want to download Lossless files digitally, there's bandcamp.


►  VIDEO:  Studio Diary(04.11.2015)

I was working out some guitar parts for "Destiny Does The Splitstep" in this video.  Got a Vox AC-30 jacked up loud in the other room.  Then some of the studio master of "Greatest Revival" at the end, as a cow licks the glass.  She was watching TV through the window for two days.


►  Radio...

Dundalk FM, Roddy Cleere's Irish Music Show on KCLR 96 FM,   h Through The Wall on Blast 106, Moonacrobat Playlist, the Justin Wayne Show Episode 313,


►  The Justin Wayne Show(23.11.2015)

Justin Wayne invited me on Episode 313 of his show to talk all about the new album & stuff.  You can hear it after the Gig Guide on the link.  Thanks to him and his co-host Claire for that.
Actually, somewhat on the same subject...


►  Unquiet Nights - 5 Year Anniversary...

On the left is a screen grab of a September 2010 episode of The Justin Wayne Show where "Burning The Tracks" was the show's Track of the Week.  That was the first song Unquiet Nights put out, and which everything sprung from.  It got us on Absolute Radio, and BBC Northern Ireland soon after.  You could say that Justin's support on his show was an important early boost for us.  I meant to mark the 5 year anniversary with a slide show of photos showing our evolution, but that's not together yet.  Below is he, I and his delightful wife after the Scala London gig in March 2011.


►  RIP George Best  (22 May 1946 – 25 Nov 2005)

Genuinely touching to see people using George Best City to remember the 10th anniversary of George's death, as I saw many examples of like here, here and here.  The song was released in January and continues to be used by a wide range of people to remember George. 


►  Roadie TV @ The Hudson, Belfast.  (27.12.2015)

Got invited by Roadie TV to The Hudson in Belfast to record a 3 song session for them.  I did "More Than These Eyes", "Constellations of She" & "George Best City" from the new album.  Thanks to them.


►  Whelan's Song Cycle, Dublin. (30.11.2015)

The Whelan's gig in Dublin was cool, played a bunch of the new songs.  It actually involved a weird coincidence too.  A Canadian couple we're friends with who put us up during last year's Indie Week in Toronto were in Dublin for the U2 gigs and were able to show up to my gig.  Much fun was had there.  Got some decent audio of the set too, which is coming soon.

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Oct 2015 - Final thoughts on 2nd album, First T-Shirts, Backpack & more...

Here's a commitment then:  Before the next blog, the second Unquiet Nights album will have been finished, and planned for release on Friday December 11th 2015.  In a couple of days we're back at Manor Park for two days that should hopefully put the finishing touches on the remaining five songs to finish off the record.  More on that now, and things closely related...



Everyone knows that independent bands need to have T-Shirts to be able to survive and grow.  We didn't have any for the time of the first album ("21st....."), but now we got some together.  There are Unisex (M,L,XL), Female Jnr Fit w/ Sleeves (S,M,L) & Female Spaghetti Bella Canvas (M,L).

SO.  Just click "Add to Cart" below and pick your style & size!...
Thanks to those fine people who noticed them already and have bought them.
You're helping us to get the next album out and we appreciate you 100%.

T-Shirt - "Nero"
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»  "ESTABLISHED" Belfast (Back Pack)

"Established" Backpack
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Another option for those who don't wanna be T-Shirt people, is that they can be Backpack people instead.  Or both.  Hey unless you've got a private Sherpa to carry all your stuff around, all decent people need a good backpack.

It says "UNQUIET NIGHTS: Established Belfast 2010".  'cause we were.

We've only been able to move as far as we have since starting in 2010 because of the people who've bought our music & merch stuff.
The people at Spotify aren't paying independent bands enough to keep releasing music, as any of the bands will tell you.



"...The bravest city in the world
I hope she gets what she deserves
But I'm just trying to make it through this life
Flying in to George Best City tonight..."



What's happening above is that I'm trying to finish writing for some of the last five songs to record in a few days time at Manor Park Studio.  I often write on planes, in fact the song that has changed my life the most so far was written while, and about, flying into George Best City airport.

That song will be on the 2nd album.  It was only a B-side to "Constellations of She" at the time, but it allowed us our first big breaks into TV, and believe it or not, literature.  So it changed everything.
Already finished & mastered are some songs that no one has heard yet.
It's close enough now so, here are some titles that will definitely be on the new album.

"Something To Begin"
"Love Leave Your Mark on Me"
"More Than These Eyes"
"George Best City"
"Constellations of She"
"Jefferson Was Right"
"Destiny Does The Splitstep"
"Age of No Innocence"
"Don't Wanna Kill For Religion"

A couple of other songs "Greatest Revival" & "Someone Gotta Hold" have both been played live before, and are going to have some time in the studio, so we'll see at what stage they're going to be released.  I already sort of know what's happening in terms on the 3rd album.  It'll be exciting to hear, when you hear it, because as this record is a step forward on the "21st Century Redemption Songs" album,  so will be the 3rd.  It will involve some different recording locations, and some contributors who've done amazing things in music.  Apart from that, I'm confident in the songs.
But, until then I hope the 2nd album will keep taking us forward.



Anyone who orders the USB Flashdrive Discography will bypass the waiting time for the release of the second album, and it'll be posted out next week including the full FLAC & MP3 versions of the album right on there.

The idea of the Flashdrive Discography is that it will always include every song we've ever released, to suit the desires and wants of today's generation of music collectors.  "Consumer" is an ugly word for it.
You don't consume music, it is renewable and eternal.
If it's good enough, obviously.

Take care then, and look out for a lot of updates this month.  If you wanna ask the band, or me, anything you can do it here on Twatter, or the Facial Book.

Yours gratefully,


Flashdrive Discography
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Aug 2015 - BBC 6 Music, The Big List, CISM 89.3 & more...

Hello all.  I want to let you know what's been happening during August for us.  Things are moving towards the completion of the second album, so a bit more about what's happening there, and what's been happening with the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single.


»  New Single:  "Love Leave Your Mark on Me".

We released the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single last month, and were lucky enough to be able to debut the video during the appearance on Sky Sport 1.  Since then, it's been picking up radio play decently.  Some new shows supporting us in North America have been The British Are Coming w/ Matt Dalzell on CFBU Brock Radio 103.7 FM (Ontario), London Cafe on CISM 89.3 FM (Montréal), Mind The Gap on WMSC 90.3 FM (New Jersey), Y-Not Radio on iRadioPhilly (Philidelphia).

Also thanks to Radio Tweet Italia, and Moonacrobat Playlist 309 for picking it up, and a bunch of Italian stations we should be able to mention in the next blog.  Obviously huge, huge thanks to everyone buying it here on unquietnights.com, that's the place we get to keep the money...


»  The Big List NI (04.08.2015)

Here's a good long interview The Big List carried about "Love Leave Your Mark on Me".
Should be in high enough definition that if you click it, you can read.

BIG LIST (Cover)

BIG LIST (Cover)

BIG LIST - Interview Page 1

BIG LIST - Interview Page 1

BIG LIST - Interview Page 2

BIG LIST - Interview Page 2


»  BBC 6 Music Tom Robinson Introducing - "George Best City" (24.08.2015).

Something else fantastic happened this month that made us real happy.
"GEORGE BEST CITY" was on Tom Robinson's 24th August 2015 BBC 6 Music Introducing Mixtape.  Tom has supported us before, having "Someone's Love on Drugs" on his show in Oct 2012, so thanks very kindly to him, the true supporter of new music that he is.
Another triumph for #TeamEssentialCredential.


»  Second Album: More recording dates @ Manor Park.

Planning to be in N. Ireland from the end of October for at least a few weeks.  I'm getting together tracks for about 4 songs to finish @ Manor Park Studio that should finish the second album.  There are some out-takes and stuff I'm going to leave behind, or for a later time, but getting the right blend is important, since this album covers some topics I might not touch again for a while.

Anyway, I love Manor Park, and the stuff we've/I've done there has always turned out real well.
Here's a shot through the control room window, during the session for the "Love Leave Your Mark on Me" single.  Looking forward to linking up with this Telecaster in the picture too.....


»  Blackstar HT Stage 60 - Amp Endorsement

If you've been following these blogs during 2015, you'll remember that Blackstar Amps have been good enough to endorse UN, which we're very appreciative of, and hope we can repay their faith.  It's featuring heavily on the tracks for the second album, which has taken on a much warmer analog sound than the first album, through the HT 60, and also a bunch of boutique pedals I've picked up.

Anyway, during the last two or three months I've been trying to get a flight case that fits the amp perfectly for touring.  Got that sorted nicely in the end, as you can see below....

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Mar 2015 - BBC NI Local Voices, Belfast Empire, Lisa Fischer, Amazing Radio & more...

Hey, apologies for the March round-up being a bit late.  The last week in particular got really, really busy.  I'm back in Italy after being in Northern Ireland since late December.  It was a good month though, with plenty of progress happening in the way of Radio & TV.  Let's recap....

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Feb 2015 - SKY Italia Buffa Racconta George Best, Irish Literary Times & more...

One of the wildest months since starting the band four and a half years ago for sure.  February 2015 gave us a few things that have allowed us up the ladder a bit further now and vindicated a lot of hard work.  Hopefully I can recap in something like chronological order.  Starting with...

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