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Nov 2016 - Studio Building: Pt 6, Oak, Leonard Cohen & more...

Still focusing strongly on getting the studio built, but the changes are a bit more visual now so we have more to show for it this month. The control room is more than half finished, and plans are being made for the live room. Here are some photos....


Vocal Booth

The 6ft x 7ft booth inside the control room will be mostly for vocals. It's been wood paneled since the last update, and the window is finished. Going to dye it a dark oak colour to match the counter top which is waiting to be installed under the 8ft wide control room window.


Guitar Storage

Just finished the wood paneling on the wall in the control room (below) which will eventually have a corner sofa and brackets for mounting the guitars so there's a bit more floor space. There should be about twelve guitars around so will need to extend the brackets onto the black wall to the right.


Wall of Guitars

Doing a bit of a test below to see how many guitars will fit, and making sure the spacing is enough to allow for example two jumbo acoustics to be hung side by side. The other reason is that there isn't a much better sight than a wall of guitars! Can't wait until the place is ready to start recording 'em.


RIP Leonard Cohen

Last week I was tweeting about The Guardian's Leonard Cohen article. He was still alive at the time, and I was impressed by his attitude to death expressed in the article. I've been big into his stuff since I was sixteen, and consider him one of the best lyricists of all time.

I even love "Death of a Ladies Man", the much criticized, Phil Spector produced album. Regardless of whatever over-production it suffered sonically, Cohen's observational wit is still present in the writing. RIP Leonard, you saw the world through a beautiful lense.


Ficek Sticks

Have nattered with the Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek about a bunch of DIY indie music topics for a few years. He's releasing a solo EP which I've noticed has just been e-mailed to my Pledge account. It's been good to read the updates during it's conception about how he's been handling the release. I got myself a pair of sticks from the Pledge to put in the studio. It should have a great drum room when I'm finished. Hoping the release goes well for him. #ForeverFicek.

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