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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Oct 2015 - Final thoughts on 2nd album, First T-Shirts, Backpack & more...

Here's a commitment then:  Before the next blog, the second Unquiet Nights album will have been finished, and planned for release on Friday December 11th 2015.  In a couple of days we're back at Manor Park for two days that should hopefully put the finishing touches on the remaining five songs to finish off the record.  More on that now, and things closely related...



Everyone knows that independent bands need to have T-Shirts to be able to survive and grow.  We didn't have any for the time of the first album ("21st....."), but now we got some together.  There are Unisex (M,L,XL), Female Jnr Fit w/ Sleeves (S,M,L) & Female Spaghetti Bella Canvas (M,L).

SO.  Just click "Add to Cart" below and pick your style & size!...
Thanks to those fine people who noticed them already and have bought them.
You're helping us to get the next album out and we appreciate you 100%.

T-Shirt - "Nero"
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»  "ESTABLISHED" Belfast (Back Pack)

"Established" Backpack
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Another option for those who don't wanna be T-Shirt people, is that they can be Backpack people instead.  Or both.  Hey unless you've got a private Sherpa to carry all your stuff around, all decent people need a good backpack.

It says "UNQUIET NIGHTS: Established Belfast 2010".  'cause we were.

We've only been able to move as far as we have since starting in 2010 because of the people who've bought our music & merch stuff.
The people at Spotify aren't paying independent bands enough to keep releasing music, as any of the bands will tell you.



"...The bravest city in the world
I hope she gets what she deserves
But I'm just trying to make it through this life
Flying in to George Best City tonight..."



What's happening above is that I'm trying to finish writing for some of the last five songs to record in a few days time at Manor Park Studio.  I often write on planes, in fact the song that has changed my life the most so far was written while, and about, flying into George Best City airport.

That song will be on the 2nd album.  It was only a B-side to "Constellations of She" at the time, but it allowed us our first big breaks into TV, and believe it or not, literature.  So it changed everything.
Already finished & mastered are some songs that no one has heard yet.
It's close enough now so, here are some titles that will definitely be on the new album.

"Something To Begin"
"Love Leave Your Mark on Me"
"More Than These Eyes"
"George Best City"
"Constellations of She"
"Jefferson Was Right"
"Destiny Does The Splitstep"
"Age of No Innocence"
"Don't Wanna Kill For Religion"

A couple of other songs "Greatest Revival" & "Someone Gotta Hold" have both been played live before, and are going to have some time in the studio, so we'll see at what stage they're going to be released.  I already sort of know what's happening in terms on the 3rd album.  It'll be exciting to hear, when you hear it, because as this record is a step forward on the "21st Century Redemption Songs" album,  so will be the 3rd.  It will involve some different recording locations, and some contributors who've done amazing things in music.  Apart from that, I'm confident in the songs.
But, until then I hope the 2nd album will keep taking us forward.



Anyone who orders the USB Flashdrive Discography will bypass the waiting time for the release of the second album, and it'll be posted out next week including the full FLAC & MP3 versions of the album right on there.

The idea of the Flashdrive Discography is that it will always include every song we've ever released, to suit the desires and wants of today's generation of music collectors.  "Consumer" is an ugly word for it.
You don't consume music, it is renewable and eternal.
If it's good enough, obviously.

Take care then, and look out for a lot of updates this month.  If you wanna ask the band, or me, anything you can do it here on Twatter, or the Facial Book.

Yours gratefully,


Flashdrive Discography
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