Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Flying in to "GEORGE BEST CITY".

For the last 10 years or so most of my efforts as a musician have happened outside of Ireland. When I was 19 and 20 in particular I was trying to bridge the gap of the Irish Sea and stay involved with major label projects happening in London, usually around Holland Park. Bands who were in developmental for labels like Virgin V2, who needed a guitarist. Singers doing Glastonbury who needed a bass player. Members of successful Britpop bands who were auditioning bands around a female singer for label showcases. Bands on the waiting list for Jools Holland. etc.

The promises were great and everything, but the waiting around was expensive and I was always running out of money and going back to Northern Ireland to earn more, while pretending I was able to hang around London and be "on call", so to speak. I began to realise why the record industry was in such a bad state, they spent so much money and time trying to manufacture and mould an artist to their liking, rather than simply look for artists with the raw commodity: songs.

I was trying to be a sideman back then, not a songwriter or artist. Just a musician embellishing someone elses song. I always found myself passing through the two airports in Belfast. One time I sold my Nikon camera in a London pawn shop for money to come home. George Best City airport was like my living room, I had a regular vending machine and regular seat. Some time after that I decided I'd rather start recording only my own songs under the name UNQUIET NIGHTS, partly after a Genesis track, and partly something else I'll describe some other time. I thought it was better to stop trying to fit into other people's projects that may or may not ever see commercial release, and just live or die by the results of the new entity.

The song "GEORGE BEST CITY" basically describes this period of my life.
It's the b-Side of the single "Constellations of She" and is on all the places like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & unquietnights.com/store now.