Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

St. Patrick's Grave

During the summer when we were in Northern Ireland for a video shoot (details yet to come), we visited the grave of St. Patrick at Down Cathedral.  A couple of nights later we met some friends who were taking a tour group around Ireland as a whole, and their tour guide seemed to have told them that the church St. Patrick set up, plus his bodily remains were in Dublin?  Not so, the church is in Armagh, and his grave is at Down Cathedral.  Both in Northern Ireland.  The Catholic primate of Ireland was in County Armagh.  Hence Armagh is known as "The city of St. Patrick".

A much celebrated figure is St. Patrick.  His main legacy is of bringing Christianity to Ireland.  In retrospect, not sure that worked out for the best.  But sure, he's everyone's favourite saint for legitimizing daytime drunkenness.

Downpatrick would also be the hometown of Irish bands Ash, The Answer and I think also Relish.  It was cool recently to see the 2 Papenfus brothers from Relish in the band of Sinead O'Connor doing a free gig for the Notte Bianca here in Terni.  I played rugby against Down High a few times just beside here, and seem to remember getting my head split open, not in the match, but on the bus coming home.  That's today's yarn.