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Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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George Best: Der ungezähmte Fußballer.

Der ungezähmte Fußballer

On your right is a book that's just been published called "George Best: Der ungezähmte Fußballer", or "The Untamed Footballer".

It's by the German Sportsbook of the Year winning author Dietrich Schulze-Marmeling, published by Verlag Die Werkstatt.

Because of events that happened around the release of our "George Best City" song, Dietrich interviewed me while researching the book.  When I've got my copy I'll get one of you who reads German to tell me what it says.

Continually humbled by our association to the greatest player of all time.  Thanks Steve, Dietrich, Cherrie, Ralph, Sara, Federico & anyone at BBC NI & Sky Italia who's name I don't know who helped behind the scenes in getting it heard.  Everyone who has bought & streamed it.

Here's how to buy George Best: Der ungezähmte Fußballer.
Amazon: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, UK.
ISBN: 978-3-7307-0172-0

Danke euch allen.  Auf Wiedersehen.


'The lyrics reflect my feelings towards Belfast. For a while, I regularly flew into Belfast and landed at Belfast City Airport.. Politically speaking, George was very important. Even the staunchest republicans in the Irish Republic are proud of him and would like to see him an an Irishman' although he played for Northern Ireland and therefore never took part in a World Cup. In a certain way, George put us on the world map. The song is an attempt at honouring George. And to say that this city - Belfast - belongs to him.

George Best City - In 2014, the Northern Irish-Italian rock band publish their single 'Don't Wanna Kill for Religion'....

Don't wanna kill for religion
Don't wanna be killed by religion
No I don't wanna play that game
Running down the fire escape
In Belfast City
Don't wanna kill for religion
Don't wanna be killed by religion
No I don't wanna kill
I love this city and I always, always will.

The lyricist/vocalist and guitarist is Luke Mathers, a Protestant* from Belfast who now lives in Italy with his bandmates. Mather's shares the fate of many talented Protestants: Northern Ireland and Belfast became too small for his ambitions.

Mathers' grandmother used to live on the Cregagh Road and knew George Best and his parents. When he was a teenager, he had a menu card signed by Best who was the guest of honour at an awards ceremony.  In Italian exile, (memories of) Belfast did not leave him - neither of the good sides nor of the bad sides of the city. And above all, one person represents the positive side of the city: George Best. 'In Italy and other countries, I always meet tourists who wear T-shirts depicting George Best.  For many people, he is a symbol of Ireland. In 2015, Unquiet Nights wrote the follow-up single 'George Best City'.

The bravest city in the world
I hope she gets what she deserves
But I'm just trying to make it through this life
Flying in to George Best City tonight


*I'm actually not a Protestant.  I was raised Quaker, and have been a confirmed Atheist since my mid-teens.  It's true to say that the majority of my family were/are Protestant though.

Thanks to Dominique @ Zebra45 for the translation.