Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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PROMISE OF YOU is on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & Google Play from 16th February 2018, but you can get it immediately on UnquietNights.com by clicking "Purchase" below. Thanks to Roddie Cleere's Irish Music Show on KCLR 96fm for making it "Song of the Week".

Promise of You
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2nd Album is finished! Release coming Dec 11th.

Second album recording is finished, just a few more songs to get their mix/master and we're done.  Here's some video of working out guitar parts to "Destiny Does The Splitstep", and then a clip of the finished master of "Greatest Revival", with some visuals by a curious bull who was licking the windows and watching TV while we were recording.  He disapproves of me eating meaty sandwiches.


"Love Leave Your Mark on Me" (New Single) 20.07.2015

The result of our last session @ Manor Park Studio is set for release next Monday 20th July, but you can get right now in MP3 & Lossless here on unquietnights.com.  No waiting, absolutely none.

Love Leave Your Mark on Me (Digital Single)

01 - Love Leave Your Mark on Me (3:42)
02 - More Than these Eyes (6.00)

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Hotly tipped rock band Unquiet Nights unleash their heart-swelling new single 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' on July 20.

Guaranteed to be adored by anyone with an affection for anthemic indie rock, Belfast-born, Italian-based band Unquiet Nights' brand new single 'Love Leave You Mark On Me' looks set to be the soundtrack of the summer.

Conjuring up a sound which is a little like the Gin Blossoms jamming with the Jesus and Mary Chain, 'Love Leave Your Mark On Me' is an anthemic offering from the three-piece.”

- Edwin McFee. Hot Press