Alternative Rock band ((Belfast & Italy))

Unquiet Nights are a Rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Sky Sport 1 Italia - Calciomercato


15:00 - Here we are, a couple of hours into the trip to Milan.  The first rest stop somewhere in the Emilia-Romagna region.  We don't know where.  Notice the trepidation on my face, as disaster is about to befall us.
True enough, the car won't start.
Two hours of trouble-shooting lead to nothing.
We phone all the Hertz, Sixt, Avis centers within 10 km.  None of them have even one car to rent us.

18:10 - The recovery service arrives and takes the car into Forli.  Turns out the services we were at is called Bevano.  I get to sit inside the car on top of the transporter as our autostrade ticket is rejected for spending too much time on the highway.  We were broken down.

18:30 - At the recovery center we arrange a chauffeur service at pretty heavy expense to take us to Milan, and then after the show, back to Forli, where we can make our own arrangements.  On the plus side we travel in a beautiful air-conditioned Jaguar XF.  The temperature has been about 40c today, so this is welcome.